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   Fundamental Features of Jainism
Supreme Truthfulness

(Uttama Satya Dharma)

Source religious books written by Upadhaya Munishri Kamakumar Nandi ji in excerpt form.





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 Truth is the speech of inward purity.

                                                                -Sir Edwin Arnold.

The word (Satya) Truth means truthful, real, genuine, honest, loyal, non-deceitful or truth speaking. To speak saintly words with the noble souls is truth.

 To speak genuine words with monks and their devotees the house holder-is the virtue of truth. Truthfulness means building trust by being honest. Truthfulness refers to our ability to tell what we see and experience accurately and clearly.

 Sweet is the fruits of the truth In this respect, let us glance at the following words:-

 While walking on the road a poor man named Ram found a diamond which was worth Rupees about Two thousand dollars. He was going casually with the diamond in his hand. A jeweler was coming from the opposite direction as if searching for some thing on the road. He looked confused & uneasy. Meanwhile, seeing him restless Ram asked him, ”O brother jeweler! What makes you so restless? See; I have found this diamond. If it belongs to you please take it. Saying this he handed over the diamond to the jeweler. Then the jeweler said “I had lost two diamonds. You have given me only one. Give me the second one also. Only then I will let you go.” So the jeweler handed over Ram to the police, and filed a law suit against him. In the court the judge interrogated the poor man Ram, “Tell, gentleman, what the truth is?” The Poor man replied, “My lord while walking on the road I found a diamond lying there. I was going straight in a carefree mood. Just then this man looking vexed at heart was coming from the opposite direction making a search for something lost. I asked him, ‘What are you searching for?’ Then he replied that he had lost his two diamonds. I then handed over one diamond and said, See, I have found this diamond. If it belongs to you, please take it.’ Then he took the diamond from me. But again he said that he had lost two diamond s”. At this the judge made further enquiry from the jeweler. Even then the jeweler said” I had lost two diamonds which I had dropped some where on the road. This man has given me only one diamond but declines to give the second one.” The judge realized that if the poor man had not been truthful, why he should have given one diamond to the jeweler, despite being poor himself. Therefore, after deep pondering he declared the judgment-“As the diamond found by the poor Ram was only one, it could not belong to the jeweler. So the diamond should be given to the poor Ram. The jeweler had dropped the two diamonds together at a time, so he might have dropped them elsewhere.” Then the jeweler spoke,” well, your honor! Then let me have this single diamond” In reply the judge said, “Now you cannot get this one diamond as well.” Right is the following statement:

 “The flame of truth may be put down by falsehood temporarily for a while, but it cannot be put out for ever by any attempt.” Indeed;

 Beauty is truth, truth beauty

That is all ye know on earth,

And all ye need to know.


To speak politely in accordance with scriptures for the uplift of religion is called truth. Nothing on earth is as glorious as truthfulness; it brings in its wake all other virtues.

 Every living soul should always speak with restraint only truthful worlds which are sweet like nectar and beneficial to self and others as well. If perchance at any time a man feels hesitation in speaking truthful words, he should better keep mum.

A person who is truthful in his conduct and dealing leads a smooth and simple life. Even mere contacts with truthful and good persons make a man truthful.

 Sir Edwin Arnold has rightly said:

‘Of all the pleasures given on earth

The company of the good is best.

For weariness has no birth

In such a company sweet and blest.’


The great poet Reidhu has described the supreme virtue of truthfulness as below:

  1. The virtue of truth is the originator of the virtue of compassion; it banishes all faults and is bestowed of bliss in this world and the divine world. A truthful speech is unique in the universe, i.e., nothing in the world can match it. We should speak truth with confidence.

  2. The virtue of truth is the main among all virtues. Truth is the most sacred injunction on the earth’s surface. Truth is like abridge to take us across the ocean of the world. Truth is the guiding force to bring mental happiness to all creatures.

  3. Human life is glorified by truth. Truth alone diverts men from evil to do holy deeds, All virtues together achieve nobility and grandeur through truth alone, and the Gods fulfill the vow of service due to truth only.

  4. The small vows and the big vows are attained through truth, and truth puts an end to all human miseries. We should always speak generous and affectionate words. We should never utter such words as hurt the feelings of others.

  5. O noble soul! Never speak a word which creates obstacles for others; even if it may be true, give it up with pride. Truth is the only God. Truth is like the radiant sun to vanquish the darkness of the world. Always worship it.

  6. The nude monks observe Vachan Gupti i.e., follow regulations of speech. They put an end to the worldly agony and sorrows in the twinkling of an eye.

  7. A man automatically attains enlightenment as a result of the virtue of truth. O noble soul! Practice truth and do not speak unpleasant words in the world.

 Hence, O Mortal Man! Be truthful; be truthful and be truthful. O man! Know that truth is the fundamental principle. The wise man, who always abides by commandment of truth, goes beyond death; for truth is the food of soul and falsehood cannot have a long lease of life. Know thou the truth. He, who abides by the precept of truth, attains the deathless state.


                                                                                    The End

Note:-The words shown in italics and green color are from prakart/sanskrit language.

In case any mistake is noticed it may be either informed to us or the contents may be read after correction.


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