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Daughter: Ma, what is the ultimate purpose of human life?

  Mother: The ultimate purpose of our life is spiritual elevating or salvation.

  Daughter: Ma, how does one achieve this spiritual success?

 Mother: Every one can attain the spiritual elevating by faith and knowledge of   Jive- Ajiva and all seven Tattvas as preached by Jina. The seven Tattvas   are Jiva (soul), Ajiva ( non living entities), Asrava ( inflow of karma in   to the soul). Bandha ( bondage of Karma with soul), Samvara ( stoppage of inflow of karma into the soul), nirjara (gradual disintegration of karma from soul) and Moksha (soul becomes free from all karma). These seven Tattvas are instrumental in the journey of the soul from impure state to the pure state.

Daughter: What are the obstacles in this path?

  Mother: Inflow and bondage of karmic matter are the obstacles in the path of   

                         success. The soul of the living beings receives the karma particles in every day life through the constant action of mind, speech and body. The inflow of the bondage of  karmic particles lead to misery and sufferings. So, after knowing them well, we should give them up.

                        Daughter: Ma, so what is the solution?

                         Mother: Stoppage of inflow of karmas and gradual disintegration of accumulated karmic matter lead us to liberation. We should therefore practice them. the need for this two fold action of samvara and nirjara provide the basis of the Jaina religious practices. These are the means to achieve spritual success, liberation or moksha

                       My child, we can further explain this by an example. Imagine a person who wants to cross the river in his boat. He starts rowing his boat but he notices that through few holes in the boat, water starts entering his boat. it makes difficult for him to move further. He plug the holes and manages to stop the inflow of water into his boat but this is not enough as the boat has still lot of water which got collected earlier. With the help a little vassal, he throws out the accumulated water and by subsequent rowing, crosses the river.

                        In the same manner, a soul desirous of freedom from worldly sufferings and cycle of births and rebirths purifies itself and attain liberation (moksha). In the above said example, human life is like the boat. The holes in the boat are our ignorance  of seven Tattvas because of which the karmic matter inflows in to the soul (Asrava) and karmas get accumulated (Bandh). The process of sealing by right conduct is stoppage of new karmas ( samvara) and gradual removal of the accumulated water in the boat refers to the gradual disintegration of the accumulated karmic particles (Nirjara); which ultimately leads to liberation (Moksha), like crossing the river.

                                                                                                                        The End



Note:- All the words in italic are from PRAKRTA, SANSKRTA  language.

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