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Jain temples in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu, is the most prominent state of India. The capital.Chennai (Madras) is a cosmopolitan city and the capital of the state. Tamil Nadu is a bastion of Hinduism, whose past endures into the present. Temples with towering spires called gopurams are a common feature of this state, seldom seen anywhere else in the country. Hindu Temples, Budhist’s and as well as Jain’s Temples in Tamil Nadu were the fulcrums of society and even today art forms that have their origin in religious worship continue to color daily life.


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The famous temples of Tamil Nadu are as follows: -

  1-Jain Temples at Tirupparuthikkundram

 Location: -Kanchipuram, the capital of the Pallava dynasty is one of the glorious sacred cities of India. It is situated 76 km from Madras, 35 km from Chingleput & 64 km from Mahabalipuram via Chingleput.

Tiru-pparuthi-kkundram is a village on the banks of the Palar river, a little off the Pillaiyaar Palayam suburbs of Kanchipuram. In Tirupparuthikkundram stand two great monuments of Kanchipuram's ancient period of Jainism's flourishment. In addition to the existing Siva Kanchi and Vishnu Kanchi, this area can be termed Jina Kanchi. 

Kanchipuram is an important landmark in the history of the Jains. Many of the Pallava kings belonged to Jainism. Two of the best-known ancient Jain Acharyas, Samantabhadra and Akalanka have been associated with Kanchi.

The two temples of the Jaina Tirthankaras were built in the Ninth Century A.D. The temples contain several fresco paintings and a grand idol of Bhagwan Mahaveer. Tirthankara "Chandraprabh" eighth Tirthankara, long before Lord Mahaveer, is the main deity in one of the temples. 

Today, these temples remain mostly inaccessible to the public. These temples are under the charge of the Tamilnadu Archeology department. The main Vimaanam of the first temple is in a damaged state after attempts by a private trust to renovate the same. However, due to the efforts of the local populace of the village, the interior of the temple is well maintained. The deities and other articles inside the temple are well preserved by some dedicated individuals. The second temple is in a highly deteriorated condition.

How To Get There: -

Kanchipuram is 75 kms away from Chennai and is well connected by a good network of roads. There are frequent bus services from Kanchi to Chennai, Bangalore and other places. Kanchipuram has a railway station and Chennai is the nearest airport.

 References: - for details about Maps of India or State, National highways & road network, Air Lines, railways, boarding and lodging etc check the index page Jain temples.

list of Government of India, Tourist information centers

Govt of India, Chennai, Tourist information centre,
154, Anna Salai, Chennai-600002 Tamilnadu
Ph. 28525134 / 28524295 / 28524785
Fax:2 8522193
Airport (Domestic) Ph. 2340386,
Airport ((Intel.).) Ph. 2345801


Tamil Nadu,Tourist information centre,

G1, State Exporia Complex,
Babha Kharak Singh Marg,
Pin : 110 001.
Tel : 011-23745427


G-2(A), Royal Grace,
Lokmanya Tilak Colong Marg,
No.2, Dadar East,
[Behind -Swamy Narayan temple],
Mumbai - 400 014.
Phone : 022-24110118 , 4154621

Govt. of Tamil Nadu Tourist Office, Tel: 24321122
 Govt. of Tamil Nadu Tourist Information Centre:
Central Railway Station, Tel: 25353351
Egmore Railway station, Tel:28252165

Govt. of Tamil Nadu Tourist Information Centre
Airport Counter, Tel. 2340569 and 2341260
TTDC Public Relations Office: Tel: 846843
TTDC: Tel: 28547335/28547346/28547344




The history of Sri Adeeswar temple of Polal is interrelated to the birth and development of traditional Jainism in Tamilnadu. The original temple is believed to be of hoary antiquity and its sanctity is beyond doubt. Among the temples of antiquity, sanctity, historical and religious importance of the Jains of Tamilnadu, the Adeeswar temple of Polal occupies a unique position in the annals of sough Indian Jainism. This temple is situated about nine miles away from Madras City in the village of Polal near the Redhill lake lying a few yards away from the grand trunk road linking the city of Madras with its neighbouring towns. This ancient shrine is dedicated to Adi Bhagwan, Adeeswar, Adinath, Adi Jain, Rishabhadev, and the first Tirthankar of Jainism. Polal temple is mentioned in literature, inscriptions and legends current among the people of Tamilnadu. They provide substantial evidence in support of the antiquity and sanctity of the temple. It was a noted center of worship and religious studies in days of yore, and the village was a flourishing town inhabited by a large number of Jains adhering to traditional way of religion and also by Vaishnavas for their worship. The people of Polal followed their respective religions and lived in bonds of brotherhood. In the neighboring suburbs of Polal are several villages, inhabited by Jains even today. One would see in these villages the vestiges of Jainism in ruined temples and images. All these facts go to prove that Polal was once a noted religious and cultural center, and the premier town of the area known as Kotalam, celebrated for its sanctity of religious worship and scriptural studies, for its Jain ascetics and scholars, its Brahmin pandits and priests who guided the people to live in brotherhood and peace. 

The original temple is believed to have been built in the first Century B.C. According to a legend Valluvar who lived at Mylapore in the closing years of the first Century B.C. or in the early years of the first Century A.D. was a constant worshipper of this image of Adi Bhagwan installed in the Polal temple. The first couplet in the Kural opens with adorations to Adi Bhagwan the first omniscient teacher of Jainism. 

Another view is also expressed by the archeologists and scholars that the temple belonged to the Pallava Period from the 4th to 8th Century A.D. Some inscriptions found in the temple as well as some adjoining Hindu Temples go to show that the renovation of the Adeeswar temple had taken place in the twelfth or 13th Century A.D. and that some 
lands were gifted by kings for its maintenance. After the trunk road was opened, the temple attracted many pilgrims and tourists from different parts of India. 

This temple was in a ruined state and needed renovation and also amenities for worship and facilities for accommodating the pilgrims and providing them with food and other needs of religious life.

How to reach There: -

Chennai is an international airport connected by several international airlines while the domestic traffic is handled by Indian Airlines. There are regular flights to several cities around the world from the International Terminal. There are also daily flights to all-important centers in India from the Domestic Terminal. There are two major railway stations in Chennai. Chennai Central is the bigger one and connects the city by broad gauge as also broad gauge trains to all major cities and towns of India. The Egmore station is the starting point for both meter gauge and broad gauge trains proceeding to destinations within the state as well as trains to neighboring Kerala. Chennai is also accessible by road from any part of India.

Rail: -Chennai is connected by rail with all major towns and cities in India. Main Railway Stations: Central and Egmore. Central linking north and west and Egmore south.

Road: -Chennai is connected by good network of roads with all-important places in Tamil Nadu and other parts of India. You may rent a car with popular private cab owners. White plated taxis ply 5 people on contract. Pre-paid taxis and airport coaches are available at airports.

References: - for details about Maps of India or State, National highways & road network, Air Lines, railways, boarding and lodging etc check the index page Jain temples.



  3-Shri 1008 Atheeswarar Digambar Jain Temple

             Desur – 604501, Thiruvannamalai Dist., Tamil Nadu

 Shri 1008 Atheeswarar Jinalayam in Desur, a three-centuries old ancient temple, is one of the important jain temples of Tamil Nadu. With Lord Adeeswarar (Virushabanath) – the first theerthankara – as main deity, the temple also has many other specialties:

           The main deity has been carved splendidly in the black stone.

           The exquisitely carved statues of 24 theerthankaras and mandaps, in the world famous Kishangadh white-marbles, have been recently established here.

              A pretty tall “Manasthambh (holy pillar)” with statues of four theerthankaras  

      (chadurmugha bimpam) a top is another attraction.

             This temple is popular in this region for the powerful God, Lord  Brahmadevar.

              The temple also has deities of Navagraha.




This 300 years old temple is a “must see” holy place. And after the visit everyone feel blessed and delighted.  

How to reach:

Desur is about 130 km southwest of chennai, the capital city of Tamil nadu in Thiruvannamalai district. The nearest town from Desure is Vandavasi which is about 20 km from here and is accessible by road from Vandavasi, Tindivanam,Kanchipuram, Gingee and Vellore .

The nearest airport is Chennai which is about 125 km from here. Regular buses are available for Vandavasi or Tindivanam and from there auto’s/taxies are available to reach Desur

 Boarding and lodging: As such there is no facility for boarding and lodging. However one can stay at the Ponnur hills (famous for Acharya Kund Kund) which is about 8 km from here.


Check List of Tourist Information centers at serial no. 1

List of Dharamshala (Guest Houses) in Tamil Nadu

Acharya Sri Akalanka Vidyapeetha,

Sri Kshetra Arihantagiri Jain Math,

Sri Kshetra Arihantagiri, Tirumalai, Polur Taluk,

Tiruvannamalai District, Tamilnadu - 606907,

Telephone: 04181 - 244325


Sri Chandraprabha Digambar Jain Dharmashala,

No. 34, Subramanya Modaliyar Street,

(Near Pillaiyar Koil Street),

Sahukarpet, Chennai - 1


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