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LOCATION: -  It can be reached from Three sides as under :- 
1. From Tankpur Railway Station of Western Railway and by Road via pithoragarh district Almora.
2. From Kathgodham Railway Station of Northern Railway and by Road via Kampot district Almora
3.  It is accessible from Rishikesh Railway Station of Northern Railway and by Road to Joshi Math and then from Math to Neeti Valley.

This isolated summit of Mt. Kailash is the most sacred peak in Asia. In most of the religious scriptures it has been described as the center of the universe. It stands at a height of 22,100 ft or 6740 meters to the North of the Himalayan range, within the borders of Tibet. It is also called as precious jewel of snow. Lake Mansarovar, at 14,950 feet is also said to be one of the highest fresh water lakes in the world. They are considered the most sacred and revered pilgrimage for Hindus, Jains and Buddhists alike.

In Jain literature, this holy place is called "Ashtapad" due to eight mountain ranges namely - Gaurishankar, kailash, Bardrinath, Nanda, Drongiri, Naraya, Nar and Trishuli. It is described in Jains scriptures that the first Thirthankara Lord Bhagwan Rishabhdeo attained Nirvana from this place. It is believed that chakravati Bharat - elder brother of Bhagwan Bahubali ji has been to this place for worship with his sons.

Hindus consider Kailash to be the throne of Lord Shiva, one of the three principle gods of the Hindu pantheon, whose long, matted hair forms the holy Ganges River. It is believed and considered auspicious to take the pilgrimage to this holy and scared place that help in getting rid of the sins of a lifetime. It is difficult to take the pilgrimage to this place. It is difficult region to reach with variable and extreme weather conditions apart from the age and health soundness and various other aspects.

Yatra: - Indian pilgrims need to have valid passports to take up this yatra. There are multiple routes through which people used to take up this grand pilgrimage from ancient days. Of these now there are two standard routes followed by Indian pilgrims to Mt. Kailash. The Government Of India organizes, that takes the pilgrim directly from Uttar Pradesh to Tibet. The other one is via Nepal.  However the latest rules and regulations may be checked with your tour operators and Government of India before taking up pilgrimage to this place.

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