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Gujarat State is famous for a religious, cultural and historical activities and is a major pilgrimage center for Jains. In Gujarat there are number of Jain temples. The prominent oneís are : -

1. Shree Girnar ji tirth-Neminath Temple

2. Palitana temple

3. TARANGA (Swetamber)

4. Hatheesing Temple

5. ShankheshwarTemple

6. Sonagarh

7. Ghogha

8. Pavagarh

9. Mohua                                           

      Map showing Jain temples in Gujarat is given at the end of this page.

        1-Shree Girnarji Tirth kshetra


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Girnar Hills (Urjayantha Giri): -Location- It is 5 kilometers from

Junagarh.Rajkote is 100 kilometers and Ahmedabad is 300 kilometers.

Gujarat State is famous for a religious, cultural and historical activity and is a major pilgrimage centre for both Jains and as well as for Hindus. These religious spots include Dwaraka, Somanath, Pawagadh, Ambaji, Bhadreswar, Shamlaji, and the Jain temples at Taranga, Girnar and Palitana with around 800 temples spread on the sacred Shetrunjaya hill. The 3660 ft high peak of Girnar is a great pilgrimage and architectural wonders. It is 330km from Ahmdabad. From Delhi it is around 1025 kilometers and 5 kilometers away from the railway station Junagarh.

Girnar is known for the thrilling story of Nemi-Rajul's (Rajmati). Rajmati (Rajul), the princess of the king of Junagadh near the Girnar mountain was betrothed to Nemi Kumar son of Samudra Vijay and grand son of king Andhakavrisni of Sauripur. He was a cousin, of Krishna. It was at its pitch that the marriage procession reached the vicinity of Junagadh. The atmosphere everywhere was one of joy and awaiting the arrival of the procession.

Right then, the news spread all over the city that being sympathetic and merciful to the mute appeal of the animals who had been caged for the purpose of the marriage feast, the minutest chord of attachment in Nemi Kumar had given way. It hurt his emotions and felt merciful for these helpless animals. He declined to marry and all animals were set free and  Nemi Kumar proceeded towards mountains.

 The news took no time to spread. Efforts were made to induce him to return, but all was in vain. All efforts by Rajul  also could not change the mind of Nemi Kumar. Finally Rajul's too changed and She also took the road to self-realization by following the footprints left by Nemi Kumar. She proceeded towards the Girnar Mountains. While performing penance on Girnar Mountain, in course of sublime meditation, Nemi Nath attains the supreme knowledge known as Kavel Gyan. Rajulmati who was once to become Neminath's consort, becomes the founder and discipliner of the 'Sadhvi Sangh' the organization of female ascetics. Arishtanemi , Rajulmati and several saints spread the message of the Jan religion at Girnar Mountain before liberation.

The heart-rending story in the life of Nemi Kumar and Rajul is sung by the Jain poets and is famous in common masses of Gujarat.

 The Neminath temple is the first on the left as you enter the "temple city. The temple comprises a vast complex of courtyards, cloisters and lesser shrines, and has exquisite carving on its pillars and within the domed. The temples situated on the mountain make its top look like a village of temples. The magnificence and the beauty of the temple are unique in itself. According to the kind of art and form of temples as are approved in classic traditions, the temples of Girnar Mountain should be called ideal. Here we can see the treasure of the sculptural art of the excellent sculptors of Gujarat. Whether the temple is seen from outside or from inside, devotion and art both have been depicted with complete splendor.

At the foot of the Girnar Mountain there are two Shwetambar temples and one Digambar temple. Close to the temples at the foothill begins the climb of the mountain, which is very hazardous. On a nearly 3 km. long path there are nearly 11,000 steps, but when the heart of a devotee becomes eager to have a glimpse of the Lord, then the difficult path ceases to remain difficult.

After completing the ascent, the door of the main sanctum sanctorum of Lord Shree Neminath becomes visible. Here a Jinalaya (abode of the 'Jina') built at the center of a sprawling 90'x 130' 'Chowk' (courtyard) evinces its unprecedented splendor. Just in front of this Jinalaya, there is a mini temple of Maansang Bhojraj. The principal deity of this temple is Shree Sambhavanath. On the north of the main peak-temple is 'Melakwasahi Toonk' at a small distance. Built by Siddhraj's Prime Minister Sajjan Seth, this 'toonk' has the principal deity Shree Parshwanath with his head shaded by the hoods of a thousand cobras. There is a huge idol of Tirthankar Aadinath whom people also call 'Adbhut Jee' (the strange one). A little distance away from here is the 'toonk' of Sangram Soni. It is learnt from available references that Soni Samar Singh and Maaldev built this temple. The main temple is two-storied whose principal deity is 'Shree Sahasraphana Parashwanath'.


Ahead of it there are number of toonks but out of all, five 'toonks' of Girnar are famous. The first 'toonk' is that of Tirthankar Neminath. The second 'toonk' is that of Shree Ambaji. The third 'toonk' is called 'Oghad Shikhar' where the footprints of Lord Neminath have been ceremoniously installed. The auspicious feet of Neminath adorn also the fourth 'toonk'. The fifth 'toonk' is situated in a dense forest at the top of the mountain; it contains the footprints of Neminath and Vardutt Ganadhar.

A visit to this pious pilgrimage is like getting and accumulating good karma. Salutations to Nemi and Rajul, the touch of whose feet have graced and blessed the Girnar Mountain ranges and also to those who has become blessed on touching the holy soil of this place.

A. Shree Digambar Jain Siggha Kshetra Girnar Ji,

 Girnar, District Junagarh (Gujarat) Pin-362001

Phone-0285-2654108, 2621519

Boarding Lodging for 500 persons available on payment basis.

You can Also Contact-Shri Sunil Jain, Manager for more information's --09427733364 

Services: -

Air: -Keshod is the nearest airport,35 kilometers away from junagadh.

Rail: -Girnar is connected to Mumbai by the Girnar Express. Railway Station JunaGarh is 7 Kilometers away.

Road: -It is connected to most places in Gujarat by private and state buses. JunaGarh is 7 Kilometers away from here. Localm Taxi are available.

 You can also Cotact Sudhir Bhai-phone 9824810740 to hire Indica Taxi for visiting religious places in Gujarat

For other informationís contact Tourist Information Centers given below:-

Tourist Information Center, 216-217, Kanishka Shopping Plaza, Ashok Road,

New Delhi-Phone No 011-23368371

Gujarat state Tourist information centre.

    Gandhinagar : - Nigam Bhawan,
     Sector 16, Gandhinagar - 382016 Ph. 02712-22523

References: - for details about Maps of India or State, National highways & road network, Air Lines, railways, boarding and lodging etc check the index page Jain temples.

Nearby tirth places: - Shatrunjai via Son Garh-225Km, Somenath Temple-100 Km

     2-Palitana - Sathrunjaya Hills

       Location: -It is 29 kilometers from Bhavanagar Siddhakshetra

Palitana is located at about 51 km south west  within Gujarat. It is a part of the Saurashtra region famed for its spectacular temple sites, cities, beautiful beaches, and wildlife. The town palitana particularly Bhavanagar has a good road and rail network that connects it to the other cities of Gujarat, It is 239 kilometers from Ahmedabad.

  Palitana  was  the  capital  of  a  princely  state  of  the Gohil Rajput  clan,  was known  for  itís  Kathiawadi  horses, and  has  a  number  of palatial  buildings. It is also one of the greatest tourist attractions in Gujarat for  foreign  tourists being the  most important pilgrim  spots  for  Jains.

 The Jains have five separate hill locations for their holiest temples. The cluster             of over 850 temples, crowning the high peak of Shetrunjaya, 600 meters over Palitana town, offers some really spectacular architecture, views and an awesome aura of devotion. It is the most prominent pilgrimage for Jains. These temples were built in two phases-the 11th and 12th centuries as a part of the resurgence of temple building all over India, and in the 16th century. During the 14th and 15th centuries Muslim invaders destroyed so me of the earliest temples built in the 11th century. The current temples date back to 16th century onwards. There were reconstructed with the effort of the wealthy businessmen who were followers of Jainism that once again these buildings came into existence.

The temples are exquisitely carved in marble, veritable prayers in stone. To an observer, these appear to be ivory miniatures when seen from a distance. Created by master craftsmen, the most important temple is that of the first teerthankara, Shri Adishwar. It has ornate architectural motifs, though in its overall plan it is simpler than the Choumukh. Other notable temples are those of Kumarpal, Vimalshah and Sampriti Raja. Kumarpal Solanki, a great Jain patron, probably built the earliest temple. What the subtle combination of human enterprise, architectural skills, philanthropy and channelised religious fervors can achieve. The temple has a fabulous collection of jewels too, and these can be seen with special permission. The temples date from 11th to the 20th century.



                                                      Palitana temples

The journey on a bright early morning during the winter months to the top of the mountain is bit difficult but it is in itself  an experience that remains in one's memory .The peak is a 3.50 km climb of over 3500 steps from the town. The walk up the stone stairway over hill surface takes about one and a half hour. For those unable or unaccustomed to the strain, sling-chairs are available at a bargain. Articles of leather or fur must be left behind or deposited at the appropriate places near the entrance. Owners of cameras should inquire whether a written permit to photograph-is still required, and if so where it may be obtained. The descent must begin before it is evening, for no one is allowed to sleep overnight including the priest, because the temple city has been built as an abode for the Gods. Every soul feel delighted after visiting the pious and holy place.

Palitana town is a good place to shop for textile related handicrafts and has a Jain kala sanstha.

Bhavnagar, the nearest airport lies at a distance of 60 kilometer from Palitana. The Palitana is about 30 kilometers from Shihor. Bus service and private vehicles are available here. There are nearly 150 Dharmashala (guest houses) with modern facilities. Under the inspiration of His Holiness Vijayvishalsen Surisvarji Maharaj Saheb, the vishal Jain Kala Sansthan Museum is recently built at the foot of the hill near Shri Kesariyaji temple. It is intended to preserve the very ancient cultural heritage of the Jain religion.

Trust: -Shree Digambar Jain Siddhaksetra Sathrunjaya ji,  P.O-Palitana, District-Bhavnagar, Gujarat  Pin-364270

Trust:- Shree Palitana Desha Humad Digambar Jain Mandir Trust

Phone: -02848-252547

Boarding Lodging for 150 persons available on payment basis in Dharamshala in the city near Mandvi.

Services: -

Air: - Bhavnagar is the nearest airport.

Rail: -Bhavnagar  is connected to Mumbai.

Road: -It is connected to most places in Gujarat by private and state buses.

References: - for details about Maps of India or State, National highways & road network, Air Lines, railways, boarding and lodging etc check the index page

Jain temples.  

Near by Tirth Places: -Ghogha-60 km, Girnar Ji-170 Kilometers, Pavagarh-306 Kilometers, Taranga ji-325 Kilometers, and Sonagarh is 22 Kilometers.


For other informationís contact Tourist Information Centers given below: -

Tourist Information Center, 216-217, Kanishka Shopping Plaza, Ashok Road, New Delhi-Phone No 011-23368371

Tourist information office, Gujarat state.

Tourism Corp. of Gujarat Ltd.
Ilnd Floor, A-6, State Emporia Complex
Baba Kharak Singh Marg, New Delhi-1
Ph. 23734015, 23364724, 25783960 (R)
Fax: 23734015

        Gandhinagar :-
       Nigam Bhawan,
       Sector 16
       Gandhinagar - 382016 Ph. 02712-22523

          3-TARANGA : - It is a Siddha Kshetra.

      Location: -It is 80 Kilometers from Mehasana and 70 kilometers from Ahmedabad.

      There are 18 temples

 It is situated at about  80 kilometers away from Mahsana, nestled in the hills of Taranga. This temple (swetambar) is dedicated to  lord Ajitnath, the 2nd Tirthankara of Jains and it has beautiful carving and shikar. One of the most beautiful locations, the temples is a "must visit" on a Gujarat travelerís route. Though the hills are not high, only 365 meters (1200 ft), they offer a marked change from the surrounding region, due to their climate and panoramic views. It consists of a Garbhagriha, ambulatory and three balconied windows filled with fine grills. The highlights of the temple are its architecture having massive pillars, softened by the beautiful carvings over them. In the centre is the octagonal nave topped by a beautifully decorated carved ceiling having diameter as11mts. The porches on the sides are large and spacious with equally impressive columns. The temple, which has retained its original form and design  has a storied arrangement both inside and outside. The upper storey is concealed from the view and is accessible only by a very uncomfortable ladder. It is therefore considered a secret storey. Wooden bars are used to support widely separated walls

Shree Digambar Jain Siddhakshetra Taranga ji,

Kothi Tarangaji, P.O. Taranga Tample, District Mehasana (Gujarat), Pin-384 350

Phone: - 02761-253439

Digambar dharamshala and temple complex has Adinath temple and Shambhavanath temple. A marble Statue of Bahubali ji has been installed.

There is an arrangement for boarding and lodging for 750 persons.


Near by Tirth kshetra-Vidhya Sagar Tapovan-2Km:- Nicely developed area. It has Temple  near the entrance. There are 24 temples of present Chowbeesi.


Umtaji:-Shree Digambar Jain atishay Kshetra Umta ji: -

Location:-Tehsil VeesNagar, District Mahesana, Pin-380009 Mahesana is 41 Kilometers away. Ahmedabad is 105 kilometers. from Taranga ji it is 85 kolometers

There is  one temple where very old idols are placed.

Phone: -02765-289085, 079-7912566

     4-Hatheesing Temple  

Built outside Delhi Gate in 1850 by a rich Jain merchant, the Hatheesing Temple is the best known of Ahmedabad's many ornate Jain temples. Built of pure white marble and profusely decorated with rich carvings, the Hatheesing Temple is dedicated to lord Dharamnath, the 15th Tirthankara of Jains. Within the city there are many other Jain temples with remarkable carvings in stone and wood.


It is a famous old Jain pilgrimage site where a newer temple dated 1811-1812 AD, now stands. The village was given on a lease - grant by Emperor Shah Jahan to the Nagarsheth of Ahmedabad, named Sheth Shantidas. A fair is held here on Chaitra and Kartik full moon day and Margashirsha Vad 10. The image of the main Tirthankara Parshvanatha belongs to Samvat 1666 while the inscriptions date back to 1656-1686 A.D.



  Location: -It is 28 Kilometers from Bhavnagar and 22 Kilometers from Palitana.

This is a small village. Due to Sri Kanaji Swami ji this has become a very important pilgrimage centre. There are many temples here beautifully constructed. Use of marble stone has been done in abundance.  The details of these temples are as follows:

1. Mahavira Kunda Kunda  Digambar Jain Paramagam Mandir, is a very big temple contructed in marble. On the walls inside this temple 448 shlokas of Acharya Kunda Kunda.s Samayasara, Niyamsara, Parvachanasar, Panchasthikayaand Asta Pahuda Scriptures have been engraved and gold tinted.  The other Temples are_

2. Seemandhar swamy mandir

3. Samavasaran mandir

4. Swadyay mandir where Sri Kanaji Swami use to give discourses

5. Panchmeru Nandishwar temple

6. Kanaji Swamiji's samadhi

7. Chaqmpabahanji's Samadhi

8. Kanaji Swamiji's museum and

Kanaji Swamiji's Athithi gruha

Digambar Jain Dharamashala, Sonagarh, Bhavanagar


Phone Numbers: -02846-244334, 24458, 244662


7. Ghogha    Shree Digambar Jain Mandir Hoomad Dela. Ghogha,

 Location: -It is 20 Kilometers from Bhavnagar, Post office Ghogha, District-Bhavnagar, Pin-364110

This place is located near the sea shore. It used to be a famous port in earlier days (about-200 years back) and about 1200 Jain Family used to live in that village. But due to plague all the families left the area. Now there is not a single house belonging to any Jain family. However The Renovation work to the existing Jain Mandir has been undertaken by Bhavnagar Digambar Jain Samaj, Bhav Nagar.

There are three mandir ji which are called as follows:

1. Chpda Mandir-Mool Nayak Shree 1008 Chandra Prabh ji- Idol from 4th Era

2. Gujarati Mandir

3. Dandia Mandir

Contact phone: - Shree Ghogha desha Humad Digambar Jain Trust --

Phone number  0278-282352


8. Pavagarh   -It is a Siddha Kshetra

Location: -It is 50 Kilometers from Vadodra, Tehsil-Halole, District-Panch Mahal,


It is believed that Lava and Kush, son of Shee Ram and 5.5 crore of munies attained Moksha from this place.

There are 9 temples. Seven are located over the hill about 10 kilometers away from the foot of hill where two temples and Big Dharamshala exists. The temples at hill are in dilapidated condition. There are Mata Temples too over the hill and the ropeway facility (Udan Khatola) is available for the visitors on payments which is also a source of attraction.

In dharamshala there is arrangement for stay for about 500 person


Phone Numbers: -Shree Pavagarh  digambar Jain Siddha Kshetra Pavagarh Committee, Pavagarh--02766-245624


Nearby places: Mahua-250 kilometers, Palitana -340 kilometers, Girnar ji-480 kilometers, Taranga ji-300 kilometers.

9. Mohua  Athishay Kshetra Mohua

Location: -It is 44 Kilometers from Surat on NH-8, The old name of this place is famous by the name of Madhupuri. The Kshetra is located on the plain grounds on  the river banks.

Bus Stand-Mohua, Raiway head-Bardola-12 Kilometers.

A temple here has Lord ParshwaNath ji 's main diety. This Idol is famous for miracles and is revered by Hindus also.

The Dharamshala is available to accomodate about 250 persons.

Contact Numbers: Shree Bighanharan Parshwanath Digambar Jain Mandir Athishay Kkshetra, Mohua, Phonr:-02625-255772,255074

Nearby Places:- Pavagarh-190 Kilometers, Mangi Tungi Siddha Kshetra-190 Kilometers, Girnar ji-450 kilometers.

List of Dharamshala and Guest houses in Gujarat: -


Sri Ajithanatha Digambar Jain Mandir Dharmashala,

Shahapur Road, Near Central Bank,

Ahmedabad - 4


Digambar Jain Dharmashala,

Vadia Rangmahal Road, Baroda


Sri Kanjiswami Guest House,

Digambar Jain Dharmashala,

Sonagadh, Bhavnagar District


Digambar Jain Dharmashala,

Mandavi Road, Palitana


Terapanth Digambr Jain Dharmashala,



Sri Palitana Dashahumad Digambar Jain Dharmashala,

Sri Shatrunjaya Digambar Jain Dharmashala,

Bhyravapara, Palitana, Bhavanagar District.

Telephone: 02848 - 2547


Sri Bandilalji Digambar Jain Dharmashala,

Girnar, Junagadh District, Telephone: 21519


Digambar Jain Dharmashala,

Near Rajkumar College, Panchanath Plot,



Jain Dharmashala,



Swethambar Jain Dharmashala,

Vallabh Nagar


Sri Swethambar Jain Srimandarswami Dharmashala,


Note:- Please inform us in case any error or omission is noticed. Any typing mistake be ignored.

Jain Temples in Gujarat--shown in Red

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