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1. Shree Samet Shikhar Kundalpur (Nalanda)

2.Champapur (Bhagalpur)

3. Pawapur

4. Rajgiri

5. Kundalpur (Nalanda)

Prominent Tirth places: -

6.Swami Digambar Jain Atishay Kshetra Arrha




10.Kolhua Pahad

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  1-Shri Samet Shikar Tirth

Samet Shikhar Hill or Parshvanath Pahad

Jains paramount tirth Shree Samet shikarji also known as Parshvanath Pahad or Parshvanath hills is located within the district Girdih, Jharkhand near Madhuvan at a height of 4450 feet from the sea level and is the highest mountain south of the Himalayas. It is at a distance of nearly 28 kilometer from the Railway Station called Parshvanath on Delhi- Hawrah route.  The journey to the Samet Shikhar hills start from here. Besides, the Madhuvan at the foot of the hill, there are number of beautiful temples, Dharamshalas also known as kothies belonging to all sects of Jains.


ParasNath Hills

 From Samet Shikharji or Parshvanath Pahad twenty Tirthankaras of the present chowbeesi of twenty-four tirthnkaras and a number of Tirthankaras of the past groups of twenty- four Tirthankaras, attained salvation on this holy land.

 Since it is the land of penance and of nirvana of many Tirthankaras, munies and Sadhus, every particle of this land is great holy, and adorable. A touch of this land purifies the human birth. A pilgrimage to this sacred place removes trouble adds to religious merits (punya) and destroys all bad karma of the devotees.

 During January and February, the air is cool, and the atmosphere clear. The temperature, at four AM in the morning is around 20-25 degree centigrade with no dew. As the sun rises, Parasnath hills appears against the clear grey sky, in the form of a beautiful broad cone, with a rugged peak, of a deeper grey than the sky. It is a remarkably handsome mountain. The beauty of the hill that is surrounded by the forests and natural greenery is really very delightful and attractive beyond description. The scene on the hill is very attractive and picturesque, delightful, and the environment is suitable for sadhana and penance. From the hill, the scene of the temples and buildings etc of Madhuvan look like a divine city. Every temple and building style has a distinct and the Architecture of its own.

 On the hill there are tunks of Tirthankars who attained the salvation from here. The entire round about journey cover the 18 mile distance i.e. 6 miles going uphill then journey to see all tunks (Toonks) is about 6miles and then downward journey is another six miles. Normally pilgrims start their journey in the morning about 4-5 o’clock and return before the evening or sunset.

The Tunks of Tirthankar are there that are worshiped by the devotees. The tunk of Lord Tirthankar Bhagwan ChandraPrabh and Bhagwan Parshnath and JalMandir are the distinguished one among all.  Devotees feel lot of enlightened after completing the darshan of all tunks over the hill and return to the base at madhuvan.

At madhuvan the following places are worth visiting :-


·         SHWETAMBAR KOTHI and TEMPLE: Just on entering the Kothi , we find the temple of Shree Bhomiaji Maharaj, the protector-deity of this pilgrimage. The temple is amply attractive. Inside the Kothi itself there is the Jina temple in the form of a cluster of eleven temples. A 90 cm. idol of Lord Shamalia Parshwanath is installed here as the principal deity.  In dharmashala there are arrangements for devotee for boarding and lodging etc.

  • DIGAMBAR JAIN Bees  PANTH KOTHI :-Shree Digambar Jain Siddha Kshetra Samet Shikar Commety Bees Panthi Kothi, Post-Madhuban, District GiriDeeh (jharkhand) Pin-825 329

Phones- 06558-232228, 232209, 232361

·         DIGAMBAR JAIN TERAH PANTH KOTHI : In the middle, there temple of Lord Shree Chandraprabhu. Samvasaran temple has been on the left side of the third door of this temple.
TWENTY-FOUR 'TOONKS' - On entering here first of all we come across the magnificent 25 feet high idol of Bahubali. Twenty-four Tirthankars have been built here. Samvasaran temple is built in this very temple-campus. Phone-06558-232231,232291,232292

·         KACHCHHI BHAWAN :  Fifty-two Jinalayas have been built here. This temple houses the idols of many Jain Tirthankars. The spire of the temple is very beautiful.

·          JAIN MUSEUM :  Among the spots worth viewing in the Shikharji pilgrimage, this is the most important. Shree Jityasha Foundation, Calcutta under the inspiration of Ganivar Shree Mahimaprabh Sagar Ji Maharaj, has built the Museum. On the first floor of the museum various things concerning Jainism have been collected. Just in front of the sprawling hall the most majestic 6 feet high idol of Lord Parshwanath in the meditation posture is auspiciously seated. All around on the walls there is an exhibition of pictures depicting Jain architecture. In the whole of India, this is the only museum, which contains a collection of all the postage stamps issued on Jainism. On the first floor itself there is a collection of ancient art-pieces made of ivory and sandalwood. On the second floor of the museum, 50 scenes depicting special sequence of events of Jainism have been shown. The depictions are so lively that you will be enchanted

·         .Shri Digambar Jain Madhyalok Research Centre : This Research Centre, which has been recently built depicts the 'Madhyalok' or Central world as described in the Jain scriptures. The main building houses a massive statue of Bhagwan Shri Parshwa Nath in a huge hall suitable for prayers, congregations and large gatherings. A library is being developed along-with research facilities for Jain scholars. The president of the Centre is Shri Chand Mal Ji Saraogi from Kishanganj, Bihar.

·         Shri Parshwa Kalyan Kendra : This Centre, run by Shri Paras Jain Chikitsalaya Seva Sadan at Madhuban is being run under the guidance of Shri Navin Muni Ji Maharaj of Swetambar sect. It offers excellent facilities for treatment of serious diseases, like asthma, Jaundice, Rheumatism, Leucorrhoea, Diabetes and heart diseases, using herbal medicines, acupressure and other traditional methods of treatment.

  • Uttar Pradesh Prakash Bhawan:-   Here  State Tourism Development Corporation runs a hotel Paras Vihar for the comfortable stay of the devotees and visitors. UP Prakash Bhawan-For Advance booking contact on following numbers-KunKund Marg, Madhuban, P.O. Shikharji, District Girdih-825329, Jharkhand

 Phone:-06558-232366/67/71  Fax-06558-232366, Mobile-09798193209,  

E-mailinfo@shkharjiup.org, web site-www.shkharjiup.org - For other details contact them directly.

  • Shashwat Bhawan :- By the side of Uttar Pradesh Prakash Bhawan there is shashwat Bhawan.

There are good deluxe suits/rooms .

Contact person In charge-Shri Pradhuman Kumar Jain

Phone-06558-232378 & 232314


The distance to other  Jain pilgrimages are as follows:-

1.Kundalpur (Nalanda)-to Rajgiri---19km

2. Panwapur-38 km from Rajgiri and 90 km from Patna.

3. Champapur (Bhagalpur) is 200 kilometer away from Shri Samet Shikar ji.


Services: -

Air: -The airport for domestic flights is at Patna.

Train:- ParasNath Railway station is approachable from all major cities.

Bus Service: -Local bus service and private vehicles are available.

Accommodation for staying available up to 4500 persons. Boarding and lodging facilities are available on payment and as well as without payment.

Hospital, STD-PCO's library and college available.

 For other information’s contact Tourist Information Centers given below:-

  1. Tourist Information Center, 216-217, Kanishka Shopping Plaza, Ashok Road, New Delhi-Phone No 011-23368371

  2. Tourist Information Center, Kund Area, Rajgir. Bihar. Ph. 06119-25273

  3. Tourist Information Center, Vaishali,Ph-06225-285425

  4. Tourist Information Center, Patna Junction., Patna, Ph…0612-2221093

References: - for details about Maps of India or State, National highways & road network, Air Lines, railways, boarding and lodging etc check the index page Jain temples. See Map of Bihar below.

  2-Shri Champapur Digamber Jain Siddha Kshetra

Address :-Beespanthi Kothi, Nathu Nagar, District Bhagalpur (Bihar) Pin-812 006.

Phone: -0641-2500241

The exclusive Teerth kshetra where all the ‘Panch Kalyanakas’ i.e. Garbha, birth, diksa, attainment of omniscience and attainment of Moksa  of  twelfth Tirthankar Lord Bhagawan Vasupujyaji took place.

The city champapur is an ancient city and is about 200 kilometers away from samet shikhar ji and about three kilometer away from Bhagalpur.

 The city is famous for number of ancient events known in the Jain society namely three Chaturmasa periods of Lord Mahavir ji during diksha period and aahardan to Bhagwan Mahaveer Swami by Sati Chandan Bala a very well known story, apart from many other important events and stories. According to different Jain books   and puranas Champapur has the unique distinction of having  " Samosaran  vihar  of  all 24  Tirthankars", thus   making  the  soil  most sacred  by  the  presence  of  their  Lordship  and making the hearts of the masses most  pure  by  disseminating "Divya Dhwani" i.e., " Divine Voice" from time to time.

 Main Temple: - There are two temples

The main temple of Champapur Siddha Kshetra is quite ancient 0ver 2500 years or so. The red colored Padmasana idol of Bhagwan Vasupoojya Swami present in center of main altar is very attractive and marvelous. The Architecture of the temple itself is of very high standard and artistic.

                                            Jain temple Champapuri Bada Mandir

The surroundings of Champapur Siddha Kshetra are quite natural, charming & very attractive. The trees and greenery are present all around the area.

 For other information's please refer Tourist Information Centers as given at sn-1 semet sikhar ji.

References: - for details about Maps of India or State, National highways & road network, Air Lines, railways, boarding and lodging etc check the index page Jain temples.

Services: -Provision for lodging and boarding for 250 persons.

Rail head: -Railway station Bhagal Pur is 4 Kilometers away. Purnia-110km, patna-230km, shikharji-265 km,Gunva-193km, kundalpur-235km.

Dharamshala available to accommodate 400 person having rooms with attached bathroom-21



 3-Shri Pawapuri Tirth


Address :-ShreeDigambar Jain Siddha Kshetra Pawapuri,

P.O. Pawapuri, District Nalanda, Bihar. Pin-803 115


Phone: -06112-262746 Mobile numbrs- 09931228733, and 09006561904 


There are 5 Jain temples and two Dharamshalas having provision for staying up to 2500 persons

 Pawapuri, also known as Apavapuri (Punya Bhumi), is located at 38 kilometers from Rajgir and 95 kilometers from Patna. The Pawapuri  Jain Tirth is about 200 kilometers away from shree Samet shikhar ji. From Gaya -85km 

 This tirth is the place of the last monsoon sojourns of Mahavir Swami. Lord Bhagwan Mahavir Swami attained Nirvan on this land on the fifteenth day of the dark half of the month of Ashvin.

The beautiful marble Jalmandir was later built in the middle of the tank. Jal Mandir, the white marble temple in the middle of this lake, blooming with beautiful lotus flowers affords a breathtakingly enchanting sight.

 Jal Mandir. Pawapuri.

A large number of Jain pilgrims throng here. Samosharan, another Jain temple, is also located here. There are five other temples in the vicinity. The clean atmosphere of this place gives spiritual peace.

For other related information’s please refer Tourist Information Centers as given under semet sikhar ji and also check at references below.

References: - for details about Maps of India or State, National highways & road network, Air Lines, railways, boarding and lodging etc check the index page Jain temples.

Services: -Railway station Pawapuri is 11 KM

Bus Stand: -Bihar Sharief-12Km. It is 95 Km from Patna and 85 Km from Gaya.

Hospital, STD-PCO's library and college available.



 4-Rajgir (BIHAR)


Address :-Shree Digambar Jain Siddha Kshetra Rajgir,

P.O: -Rajgir, District Nalanda (Bihar), Pin-803 116

Phone: -06112-255235 & mobile no-09931456176, 9835620074,9334770317

Dharamshala: - Provision for staying 1000 persons exists

The Rajgir is about 300kilometers away from the paramount Tirth Semet Shikhar ji and about 97 kilometer from Patna. The distance from Gaya is about 50 kilometers. It is just 15 kilometers from Nalanda. The place Rajgir is known for the complex of temples and monasteries. Being located in a valley, Rajgir is a very scenic place. The small hill grit town is covered with lush green forest, which adds to the beauty of the place.  In ancient time Rajgir was the capital of the Magadh. In those days it was called Rajgrih. Now a small town, Rajgir was once the capital of the kingdom of the mighty Magadh.

Rajgriha has its own importance from the Puranic point of view. It has been the place of activities of Lord Mahavir and Lord Buddha. Lord Mahavir performed Twelve 'Chaturmas' here and sprayed his spiritual ambrosia on this district. Of the Nearly seven lakh hermits and nuns devoted to Lord Mahavir, nearly one-fourth belonged to Rajgriha district. From this viewpoint it can be said that Lord Mahavir had a boundless influence on Rajgriha district.

 There are five famous hills widely known among the Jains where samosarn was held several times.  A little distance away from the Jain Dharmshala there are Vipulgiri hills the first one. After ascending about 2 km. we come across the Vipulgiri 'Tunk'. On the hills are situated the temples of the Janis. After worship and darshan on descending down nearly 2kilometers from Vipulachal hill and then again ascending 2 kilometers we come to the Ratnagiri hill the second one. On this Ratnagiri hill, there too we find Jain temples.  Nearly 4 kilometers away from the Ratnagiri hill is the third hill called Udaigiri hill. The ascent of this hill is bit difficult. Swarnagiri is the fourth hill here. It is also known as Shramangiri. The ascent distance is nearly 3 kilometers. There are two caves on the southern part of this hill. 'Jina' images have been carved on the walls in the caves. Vaibhargiri hill is situated 2 kilometers away from here. There are many ancient and artistic idols in it. Over all there are many temples over these hills worth seeing and recalling the ancient time.

 There is a huge temple of Lord Buddha on the Gridhakoot hill just in front of the Ratnagiri hill. The Vishwa Shanti Stup is located on a 400-meter high hill. The stupa is built in marble and on the four corners of the stupa are four glimmering statues of Buddha. To reach the top of this hill one has to come through the “Ropeways”. This place is also called the GriddhKoot.


Veerayatan: A Jain Temple and Museum are also places worth to be seen.

Address:-Veeraytan-Rajgir, district Nalanda,Bihar-803 116, Phone 6119-5230

For other  related information’s please refer Tourist Information Centers as given under semet sikhar ji.

References: - for details about Maps of India or State, National highways & road network, Air Lines, railways, boarding and lodging etc check the index page Jain temples.

Services: -Railway station Rajgir  is 1 KM

Bus Stand: -Rajgir. It is well connected  from Patna and Gaya.

Patna is 100 km and Gaya is 65 km and Bihar Sharief is 22 km

Hospital, STD-PCO's and library  available.


  5-Kundalpur (Nalanda) Bihar

Address :-Shree Digambar Jain Siddha Kshetra Kundalpur,

District: -Nalanda, Bihar. Pin-803 111

Phone: -0611-281893, Nandyavart Mahal-06112-281846

Here are 6 temples.

 Kundalpur is located at a distance of 3 kilometers from Nalanda Rajgruhi is at a distance of 9 kilometers and Pawapuri is at a distance of 21 kilometers from the temple.

 It is the birthplace of Lord Mahavira. Jain Tirthankar, Lord Mahavira was born about 2600 years ago. The father of Mahavira was King Siddartha and his mother Trishala was the sister of King Chetaka of Vaishali. Since the wealth of his father's kingdom had increased during the pregnancy, the child was called Vardhaman. He was named Mahavira because he showed great courage in a very young age. After the death of his parents at the age of 30, he renounced the world after fasting for two days under an Ashoka tree in Vaishali

 Mahavir is said to have spent the first 22 years of his life at kundalpur. Bhagawan Mahavir’s three Ganadhars namely Indrabhuti, Agnibhuti and Vayubhuti were born at this place

There is a beautiful temple where the white marble idol of Bhagawan Mahavir is placed.  This splendid temple is very artistic, beautiful, indescribable and spectacular. There are two lotuses lakes-the Dirga Pushkarni and Pandava Pushkarni mark the spot. There are many Jain temples in this village.

In about the 5th century B.C. a monastic university was established at Nalanda. It developed into the greatest ancient centre of learning. Students from China and Korea, Sri Lanka and Indonesia and from all the regions of India came to Nalanda to study. Bhagawan Mahavir happened to meet Goshalak here. Several visits of Bhagawan Mahavir to this place and Bhagawan Mahavir’s preaching have made this place very important. In various ancient lists of tirths, there is a clear mention that there were many temples here.

Kundalpur and Nalanda are well connected by roads to other parts of the state. Particularly from Patna the bus services are good. The Bihar State tourism Department has its buses running from Nalanda to other parts of the state

Nandyavrat Mahal:(Kundalpur)-Newly Constructed.

A new temples and Nandyavrat Mahal was built under the Ashirwad of Aryika Gyanmati Mata ji .

The following new temples are constructed over there.

1: Bhagwan Mahavira Jin Mandir ,

2: Bhagwan Rishabh Dev Jin Mandir,  

3: NavGrah Jin Mandir,

4: Trikaal Chowbisee Jin Mandir,

5: Nandyavrat Mahal and Shanti nath Jinalya

Contact Information:-Bhagwan Mahavir Janam Bhumi Kundalpur Digambar Jain Samiti. Nandyavrat Mahal ,

Kunalpur, District Nalanda (Bihar)-803111

Phone:06112-281846, Mobile no 09431022376

For other related information’s please refer Tourist Information Centers as given under semet sikhar ji.

References: - for details about Maps of India or State, National highways & road network, Air Lines, railways, boarding and lodging etc check the index page Jain temples.

Services: -Railway station Nalanda is 4km away

Bus Stand: -Ramchandrapur (BiharSharief)-13 km

STD-PCO's  available.

Dharamshala available to accommodate-400 person having rooms with attached bath rooms-35nos.

Map of Digambar Jain Tirth Kshetra Bihar: -

  6: -Bhagwan Bahubali Swami Mahavir Swami Digambar Jain Atishay Kshetra Arrha

Arrha, District Bhojpur (Bihar), Pin-802 301

Phone: -06182-224129, 230478, 229318

There are 40  Digambar Jain Temples, Ara is an ancient city. There are three Jain Dharamshalas and one Guest house is there. There is arrangement for lodging and boarding for 200 persons.

Services: -Railway station Ara is 2 km away

Bus Stand: -Ara-1 km

Hospital, STD-PCO's library and college available.

  7: -Shree Digambar Jain Siddha Kshetra Gunawaji.

Address: -P.O:-Gunawa, District-Nawada (Bihar), Pin-805 110

Phone: -06324-213160

There are 40  Digambar Jain Temples. It is supposed to be the Nirvan place of Gandhar IndraBhuti Gautom. There is Jain Dharamshalas that can provide lodging for 100 persons.

Services: -Railway station Nawada is 3 km away

Bus Stand: -Nawada-2 km

STD-PCO's available.

  8: -Shree Digambar Jain Siddha Kshetra Kamaldahji

Address: -Guljar Bagh, Sudarshan Path, Patna (Bihar) Pin-800 007

Phone: -0612-2645309

There is one  Digambar Jain Temples, There is Jain Dharamshalas that can provide lodging for 100 persons.

Services: -Railway station Patna is 7 km away

Bus Stand: -Harding Park-8 km

STD-PCO's available.

  9: -Shree Digambar Jain Siddha Kshetra Mandagiri,

Address: -Mandagiri,, P.O. Bonsi (Banka), District Bhagalpur (BIHAR)-Pin-813 104

Phone: -06424-237712

There are 6  Digambar Jain Temples 4 being on hill and 2 at the base.

There is Jain Dharamshalas that can provide lodging for 200 persons.

Services: -Railway stationMandar Hill is 1/2 km away

Bus Stand: -Bonsi-1 km

  10: -Shree Digambar Jain Siddha Kshetra Kolhua Pahad

Address: -Gram &P.O=Dantar, District-Chatra (jharkhand) Pin-825 401

Phone: -0631-2430449

There are 2  Digambar Jain Temples

There is Jain Dharamshalas that can provide lodging for 100 persons.

Services: -Railway station Gaya (Bihar)-70 km away

Bus Stand: -Dhanderi Mode-7 km


List of Jain Dharmashala in Bihar: -

Digambar Jain Bispanthy Badikoti (Madhuvan)

Sammedha Shikarji Post, Hajaribagh District


Terapanth Jain Dharmashala,

Sammedha Shikarji


Sri Mandaragiri Siddakshetra Digambar Jain Dharmashala

Anche Bonsi, Bhagalpur District


Digambar Jain Dharmashala,

Champapuri, Bhagalpur


Terapanth Jain Dharmashala,



Jain Digambar Mandir and Dharmashala,

Near Kotwali Thana, Jain Mandir Street,


Sri Gunavaji Digambar Jain Dharmashala

Gunava Post - Navada


Digambar Jain Koti,

Pavapuri, Nalanda District


Sri Rajagruhaji Panchapahadi Digambar Jain Koti,

Rajgir (Rajgriha)


Virayatan Jain Dharmashala,

Rajgir (Rajgriha) Post, Nalanda District


Maina Sundari Digambar Jain Dharmashala

Jail Road, Ara

Note:- Please inform us in case any error or omission is noticed. Any typing mistake be ignored.


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