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              Jai Mahavir ji

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Three jewels of Jainism 

 Right Faith (Samyak Darshan
      Right Knowledge (Samyak Gyan

    Right Conduct (Samyak Charita)

which constitute the path of  salvation





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01  Kevalgnan
02 Mahasati Chandanbala
03  Anathimuni and King Shrenik
04  Iriavahia Sutra
05 A Doctor
06 Four Friends
07 JinDatt
08 Generosity
09  Non-Violence, Love
10  Truly Noble
11 charudutt
12 Dhanasar
13 Secret Of Heaven And Hell
14 Kamalsen
15 Lali
16 JinDatt-2
17 A Lion
18 Aek Nath
19 Mother Teresa Has no Sugar
20 Mrigavati

The stories have been selected from the books related to Jain religion including other such stories that are nice and provide a good moral teachings in general.


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