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     God and Salvation

               ( Some quarries and explanations are given below-Jain's view)



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      Quarry: - Do you believe in God ?

Explanation: - Jain philosophy accepts the existence of God but it does not accept him the creator; it does not believe in incarnation-ism, because after salvation man does not return to samsara (world). According to Jainism, each soul has efficiency to become God. With the help of self effort, he can show the power. As a potter knows that clod has power to take the shape of pitcher. With his efforts, he can give it a shape of pitcher. Veetragata has been worshiped in Jainism.

 Quarry: -Then who is the creator of Universe and how to get salvation?

 Explanation: -Each soul is the architect of his own fortune. God is out of attachment (veetragi). It is not right that he should create different type of persons such as poor, rich, small, big, beautiful, ugly according to his sweet will. According to the Jainism, every man (every Soul) is the creator of his own fortune. The universe is from the beginning (anandi Kala se). Jainism does not acknowledge the existence of a universal God who is neither the creator of whole universe nor he interferes in the process of its creation and its maintenance.

Though the followers of Jainism do not acknowledge the presence of God, they acknowledge the existence of higher beings called Arhats in heaven and also some gods who are embodied souls but with greater freedom and high degree of knowledge and intelligence.

The Arhats do not take any interest in the affairs of the world. They are completely indifferent to what goes on here. The followers of Jainism worship these Arhats not because they want to gain some favors from them, but because the very act of worshipping them constitutes a good karma and leads to reduction in the inflow of   karmic material.

The people of the world can free themselves from the cycle of life and death by making themselves free from the bondage of karma. The easiest way to get free from Karma is to lesson the attachment. This inflow can be stopped by many lives of penance and disciplined conduct, resulting in the final moksha, or liberation, the ultimate goal of human endeavor. The last destination of the worldly soul is Moksha (Salvation). Devotion to God Tirthankars (Arhats) prayer and follow the path shown by Tirthankars (Arhats) are the means of getting salvation.

 The End

Note: -The words shown in italic are from prakrit language.



 " Truth is an experience not a substance"

       " Every soul is capable of achieving Godhood."                          


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