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Burning Question-Cool Solution

 Upadhyay Shri 108 Gyansagar Ji Maharal

Collected By.... Dr.Murari Lal Agarwal (Press Reporter)

Translated By....Shri Fakir Chand Jain, M.A, M.Com. L.L.B


Analysis By... Shri Sreepalan vc



The series of Burning questions and cool Solutions is  reproduced here. These questions have been collected by Dr. Murari Lal Agarwal  press reporter and translated by Shri Fakir Chand Jain M.A, M.Com; L.L.B. will satisfy several desires of those who are eager to know Jainism.

In cool solution there will be reflection of Upadhayay Shri 108 Gyan Sagar Ji Maharajís thinking that the religions should be seen and understood with scientific view. Each aspect of religion is scientific. The thinking of Upadhayay Shri about social order, political system, condition of legal system, communalism and its solution, womenís rights, domestic life, Jain philosophy, ideals and practical life system etc. impresses visitors who get a chance to visit him. This can be said that the reader of these burning questions and cool solution can not save himself from being impressed.

These  Burning Question-Cool Solution have been divided on five pages click and enjoy.

The analysis to these Burning Question-Cool Solution have been written by eminent and selfless learned scholar of Jainism shri Sreepalan VC who has taken great interest so that it become a very useful  inspiration for those who intend to understand the basic principles of Jaina religion so as to follow the spiritual path.





 1. Burning Question-Cool Solution....Number 1 To 20

   2. Burning Question-Cool Solution....Number 21 To 40

   3. Burning Question-Cool Solution....Number 41 To 60

  4. Burning Question-Cool Solution....Number 61 To 80

    5. Burning Question-Cool Solution....Number 81 To 100

Serial number  2 to 5 are under construction



The End

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