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 The Girl 

(Source: - Extract from the book “The girl” Special discourse given on Feticides by Muni tarun Sagar Ji)

Details:-Author-Muni Tarun Sagar

English Translation- Dr C.P.Mathur, Director CPCMRS, 

                          C-735, Budh Vihar, Alwar-301001 (Raj)



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Last evening in the Ecstasy Voyage (Anand Yatra), I had told a short story. The story was--There was an Old Woman; she died in her childhood. People had asked; if she was aged one how could she die in childhood, and if she died in childhood then how she was old woman.


Asking of people is correct; raising the question is natural. Old woman and died in the child hood--unbelievable. Old woman  died in the child hood-- what contradiction. Old woman died in the child hood, there is no relevance. People had asked, how it is possible? In this context I have to say only this that it is not necessary that the understanding of the older persons is matured. It is not necessary that the intelligence, knowledge and understanding of an eighty year old man is also that of eighty years old experienced person--it is not necessary. Sometimes a ninety year old man has n and observed that a nine year old child has talent, understanding and intelligence of ninety year old person. Some times the children smash the ego of many grown ups.

In a village a great scholar came to a village. Knowledge he had, but it had not come from experience, it was from the study of the scriptures and books. Knowledge he had, but it had not been flowered from the inner most but had been wrapped over. Be careful; the knowledge wrapped over from out side usually becomes the cause of ego. This was the reason that scholar was more egoist then needed. So the scholar came in the village. One day he said to a child, 'Hey Child! You become my disciple'. The child asked-why? What



 will happen of it? The scholar said, 'I will will give you the kingdom of heaven.' The child said, 'Sir you become my disciple. 'Listening to the child's talk, the scholar was stunned: he had never thought that a child can speak like that. The scholar asked, 'Why?' So, the child replied, I will give you the kingdom of Delhi'. Scholar  said in anger, 'Is the Kingdom of Delhi a property of your father that you will give it to me? The child immediately spoke, 'So, is the heaven of your father that you will give it to me?'



Children and Talent

                  Children are often very talented. It is a separate matter that the society does not recognize their talents, and does not honor them. Sometimes even saints also learn lessons from the talents of the children.

It is said about Saint Junnej that once he was passing through a village. Outside the village he met a boy. The boy had a lamp in his hand. Saint Junnej asked the boy, 'From where the flame in your lamp has come'? The small boy listening to Saint's this philosophical question was thought ridden. What does a small boy know about this deep-mystery. The small boy was scared for a moment, but next moment he was poised. He extinguished the lamp and asked Junnej, 'Baba! first you tell me where the flame of it has gone?' Now Saint Junnej was engrossed in thought. He had not thought of that a small boy could ask such a question. The ego he had of the knowledge melted. It is said that Saint Junnej fell on the feet of that boy and said that it is not me but you are learned. You have opened my eyes today.

  Children  are genius. But in place of encouraging their talents, the society crushes them. So I said, sometimes we have the glimpses of knowledge like that of 90 years one in a child of 9 years. On the other hand sometimes we observe foolishness in a 90 year old person (Page-2)

equivalent that of innocent 9 year old child. You might have in your memory an event of the life of great scientist Albert Einstain in which he had instructed the carpenter to make a separate big and a small hole in the door for the cat and her cubs living in the house for their' coming and going. While the sanity was that from the hole the cat can pass through, her cubs can also pass through that hole. So, that old woman was such an old lady who was older in age but was not matured in knowledge and sanity. Therefore, I had said that there was an old woman who had died in childhood.

                                          Old Lady and The Girl

So, that old lady had a daughter. The only daughter whom she had brought up with much love and affection. She was her darling daughter. She was her dearest daughter. She loved her and also quarreled with her. In love there are both love and quarrels; if there are no skirmishes, then there is no thickness in love. Now the girl is a girl. If the word Ladki (Girl) is dissected and its covers are uncovered, the word is distorted and mutilated, then the word Ladki (Girl) is a very loving, significant and meaningful. The meaning of Ladki (Girl) is: which is the key of the Ladai (war): That is Ladki (Girl).

In India, from religious point of view, there were two great wars. One, the war of Ramayana, and war of Mahabharata. The cause of both these great wars was a Ladki (Girl), a woman. The war of Ramayana was due to a girl. Her name was Sita. Wife of Maryada Purushottam Ram; King Dashrath's daughter-in-law Sita, Bharat's sister-in-law Sita; Janak's daughter Sita. The king of Lanka Ravan had abducted Sita by deceit and deception and the war was eminent. Throwing our sight on the second war, there in it is a girl-Draupadi. Draupadi with crooked laugh had told Duryodhan only this: Blind's son would be blind. Draupadi's this crooked laugh and bitter words had thrown Hastinapur in the fire  



of war. Only one bitter word of Draupadi caused Mahabharat .    

Therefore, it is said: do not speak harsh words. It brings bitterness in life. The wound created by harsh and bitter speech can not be healed by any medicine or ointment. This wound is untreatable; therefore speak sweet. But the man is very dishonest. He asks for sweets to eat but speaks bitter and harsh. Now, we have continued eating sweets but have stopped speaking sweetly; this is the reason that now in our life, in our family, in our society, there is struggle, quarrels, tensions and dis-satisfaction. Bitterness in speech will surely have bitterness in life.

Speak Less: Speak of worth  

                           Some people are unhappy because they speak much and some people are unhappy because they keep mum, do not speak at all. So, some people are unhappy because they speak at wrong time and some are unhappy because they are silent when they are to speak. These are the four causes of your maximum sorrows. For a happy and golden life, sweet speech, less speech, business like speech (worthy speech) and keeping silent, are all necessary from time to time.

          Someone had asked: which is good, keeping mum or speaking? In its answer to say this will be justified that at sometimes keeping mum is good while at sometimes speaking is good. The reason of the man will decide when to be silent is good and when to speak. He who is unreasonable is thrashed definitely. A man had fostered a dog and a cat in his house. He caressed both the dog and the cat. The cat had a habit of speaking much. All day long she would brawl Miaon, Miaon. The owner felt very awkward. He was distressed that the cat brawled any time. One day he was eating his meals. The cat came, sat before him and started brawling. He was much angry. He said why was she repeating miaon miaon.  



He caught that cat and cobbled her. Nearby sitting dog saw that the cat was being beaten for speaking. The dog learned a lesson from cat's thrashing. the dog thought: if I speak, I shall also be beaten. Its good for me to be silent. So, he opted for silence.

Then on one night, some happening happened. Thieves entered his house. The dog saw; the thieves were stealing; he kept quite. In the morning when the owner knew about the theft in the house, he was much angry on the dog. He said: unfortunate do I give you bread for this that when the thieves come you sit silent and so he thrashed the dog. The cat was thrashed because she spoke much; the dog was thrashed for he kept silent. Mahaveer Swami has said, Silence is good, speaking is also good. But where to be silent? And where to speak? The man should have reason for this. So, the war of Mahabharat happened due to a bitter sentence spoken untimely; and that bitter sentence was that of a girl. Therefore I have said:

Ladki (girl) who is the key of the war, is a Ladki (girl). If we look into the history of the world, we will see that 90% wars, battles, quarrels are because of a girl, a woman. It is so said that there are three causes of any quarrel-Jar (wealth), Jameen (land) and Joru (wife or woman).

So it was the meaning of the word Ladki (Girl). If you so desire, I may give you the meaning of the word Ladke (Boys). When there is meaning of Ladki (Girl) there should be a meaning of Ladke (boys). Every word has two meanings. For example, a word is Saja. It has two meanings; one-saja meaning to decorate~ to adorn. Second Saja meaning to punishment.

The bride is Saja (decorated, adorned) for wedding The groom has got Saja (punishment) for life.

So, some other words have also two meanings: For example, there is a word:  



Khate The leaders Khate (eat) in the nation; therefore they have Khate (accounts) in the foreign. There is a word Holi. A girl played Holi (festival of colours) with a neighborhood boy and after that she Ho-li (became) of him. Likewise, the word Ladke (boys) have the meaning.

Pahle School-college mein padhte the ladke;

Ab school-college mein padhte hain lad-ke 

(Formerly studied in schools, colleges boys (ladke) Now studies in school colleges after fighting (lad-ke)

So, there was an old lady and she had a daughter. A girl, a daughter, a maiden ought to be there in a house, for who does not have a daughter become egoistic, become rigid, conceit and proudly. So, I have said that there should be a girl. The girl shatters the pride of many many persons; the girl gets the heads bowed of many-many persons, the girl teaches so many to walk with bowed head. So, there should be a girl.

No Girl-No Heart

Some people say, we have no daughter but two sons. They say so in such a pride that having no daughter is something like pride and vanity, and of honor. Keep in mind, he who has no daughter has no heart because heart is where there is submission, modesty and simplicity. He who does not have a daughter, is normally harsh. They say, we do not have a daughter, so we need not bow; need not to beg at any door, need not to entreat before anyone. The daughter is a challenge to your pride. She forces you to bow at the feet of someone. So, there should be a daughter.

So, there was an old lady and she had a girl. If you are a family man, and you have a daughter as offspring, and no son, then you need not be much  


worried; need not to curse yourself and to feel unfortunate.

A person came to me and said he had no son and had a lone daughter only. I said, so what? The daughter is in many meanings more important then sons, because the son shines only one family but the daughter, the girl shines two families. The girl shines father's family and also her husband's family. He said, what you say is right, but my worry is that having no son my dynasty shall end, so I want a son for my dynasty. He was much worried for his dynasty. I said, it is not so that he who does not have a son, his dynasty does not continue. Brother! who is there to continue the dynasty of Mahaveer Swami? He was a celibate since childhood. He did not marry. He had no off springs. Even then he is known, he has his glory, his glorious deeds are imbibed in the minds for centuries: It is more then 2500 years that he achieved salvation, even then he is spreading his luster like North Star. Dynasty continues due to sons is not true. If it was so, then great persons like Lord Mahaveer, Mahatma Buddha, Vivekanand, Dayanand, Vmoba, Acharya Kundkund, Acharya Shanti Sagar etc. had no son, even then they have become immortal in the history of India and they are alive in the hearts of the people. The talk of the heir ship is all baseless. On this earth so many such great persons were born who had no heir to carry their dynasty, still they have become 'Param Hans'.

So, leave the worry of carrying the dynasty, because it is not necessary that the heir becomes 'Kuldeepak'-it is not necessary; he can become 'Kans'. You may remember, Dhritrashtra had 100 sons, but what good did those 100 sons of Dhritrashtra did to their ancestors? Ravana had thousand sons, but those thousand sons together could not save Ravana from destruction. Hundred sons of Dhritrashtra and 1000 sons of Ravana could not bring any honour to their elders; could not make their ancestors immortal. They could not glorify the name of their family, then your one son will do what and how  



much good to you ? Which form of help he will be to your old age? Therefore, it is not necessary for you to shed tears that you don't have a son. Learn to view a son in your daughter because the girl also has the equal genes from father and mother as the son has. Do not let such selfish ideas creep into your mind that the son will bring glory to family, will be a support of old age, the girl is a trust of others, in whose marriage dowry will have to be given where as we will get dowry in son's marriage. Aye you! Sometime the daughter brings that honour and glory to the father, which many sons together fail to bring to their father. Janak's daughter brought that to her father which Dhritrashtra's 100 sons and Ravana's 1000 sons together could not bring to their fathers.

One Sita, by her observance of chastity made her ancestors immortal. A woman is the mother of this universe and the motivator power of Men. It is said, ''There is a woman behind every successful man". To the time the honor and glory and honor to the family and parents one daughter does, the sons mostly cannot do. The care daughter take of the parents, the sons probably cannot. The son after his marriage is more favoring to his wife, whereas, in the marriage of the daughter father gets a son in the form of son-in-law. Therefore, I have said, there should be at least one daughter.

Not Kanhaiya, but the Girl is Auspicious

So there was an old woman, and she had a daughter. There should be a girl in the family because the girl is considered to be auspicious. In no scripture, puran, any upanishad, any book it is mentioned that Kanhaiya (son) is auspicious-no where any such has been written. The daughter is auspicious, and it is the reason that whenever in the society there is any religious procession, in any auspicious ceremony, then in that procession she walks with


the auspicious pitcher (Mangal Kalash): Kanhaiya does not in any procession walks with the auspicious pitcher. The daughter has been bestowed with the status of Mangal- Kalash, and Mangal-Kalash is revered, because it is consecrated (Abhimantrit). The daughter is also revered because she is the symbol of auspiciousness. We always give high status to Mangal Kalash, keep it at a higher place. In the same way the daughter should also be given high respect and honour, she should also be treated highly equal to Mangal Kalash. No wrong and insulting behaviors should be given to her. As we cannot kick a Mangal Kalash, and if we kick a Mangal Kalash, we are doing a sin, committing a crime. In the same way, the daughter who is auspicious, cannot be kicked and dishonored, and if we dishonor her, then consider that we are sinners and criminals. It is a sin to kick Mangal Kalash and auspicious daughter.

And this crime is spreading in our society very fast. The daughters are being kicked. They are being treated cruelly. Before blossoming, they are crushed. Innocent buds are crushed even before they spread their fragrance. One evil in the society is spreading at a fast pace that is Abortion. Today in our families, in house-to-house, slaughterhouses are being started.

I am not talking of the Idgah slaughterhouse in Delhi; nor I am talking of the Alkabir Mechanical Slaughter house of Andhra Pradesh, nor I am talking of the Davnar Slaughter house of Mumbai. I am talking of those slaughterhouses, which are being opened in your houses, and those are of Abortions. Look at the misfortune of this nation-where Garbh kalyanak was celebrated, today, in this very nation the business of abortions is openly in force. There are Five Kalyanaks of Tirthankars, and Garbh Kalyanak is the first of them and to perform it Dev Indra comes from heaven. There is a flood of such clinics where after pregnancy testing and gender-testing, facilities for terminating of pregnancy are available. There is increase in


The Girl

the killing of the female foetus and the balance between Male and Female is day by day imbalancing. Abortions have made our houses the slaughterhouses.

Slaughterhouses are the Disgrace on the Forehead of INDIA

Surely, the slaughter-­houses are the disgrace on the land of this country. Slaughterhouses are developing as fungus in our country. The government, to grab foreign exchange and black money, is continuously destroying the cattle of this country: exporting the meat to Arab nations. Remember; slaughtering of cattle is not in the interest of the nation. Human cannot remain Humane after eating the animal flash, he is not eating the meat only; he is also eating the animal culture as well. Non-vegetarianism has, to some extent, made the human beings animals-this is the reason that some person, though they are human beings, act as animals. Eating meat is not in the interest of human race. The natural food of human beings is vegetarian. The human can understand religion

and culture only by vegetarian food.

Slaughterhouses are the disgrace on the forehead of India's culture of Rishi (Sage) and Krishi (Agriculture) and are big blow on the economic structure of the nation. The slaughterhouses and the Meat export policy has destroyed India's prestige, self-respect and values. Violence is moving at fast pace. If we fail to check fast spreading violence, the day is not far away when the existence of human being will be in danger. Today when we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of independence on its Golden Jubilee, then, we will have to, for one more freedom in our own country, start one Religious war. We shall have to return humanity to human beings, and to free him from the bloody clutches of the violence, murders, slaughtering. If we miss this religious war

A Girl

the killing of the female foetus and the balance between Male and Female is day by day imbalancing. Abortions have made our houses the slaughterhouses.

Slaughterhouses are the Disgrace on the Forehead of INDIA

Surely, the slaughter­houses are the disgrace on the land of this country. Slaughterhouses are developing as fungus in our country. The government, to grab foreign exchange and black money, is continuously destroying the cattle of this country: exporting the meat to Arab nations. Remember; slaughtering of cattle is not in the interest of the nation. Human can not remain Humane after eating the animal flash, he is not eating the meat only, he is also eating the animal culture as well. Non-vegetarianism has, to some extent, made the human beings animals-this is the reason that some person, though they are human beings, act as animals. Eating meat is not in the interest of human race. The natural food of humanbeigns is vegetarian. The human can understand religion and culture only by vegetarian food.

Slaughterhouses are the disgrace on the forehead of India's culture of Rishi (Sage) and Krishi (Agriculture) and are big blow on the economic structure of the nation. The slaughterhouses and the Meat export policy has destroyed India's prestige, self-respect and values. Violence is moving at fast pace. If we fail to check fast spreading violence, the day is not far away when the existence of human being will be in danger. Today when we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of independence on its Golden Jubilee, then, we will have to, for one more freedom in our own country, start one Religious war. We shall have to return humanity to human beings, and to free him from the bloody clutches of the violence, murders, slaughtering. If we miss this religious war



today, its results tomorrow will be terrible. Country needs one more Mahabharat. The former Mahabharat was for throne (Chair), and now it will be for kindness, Ahimsa (non-violence) and life. And in this Religious war, saints especially Jain saints will have to enact the role of Krishna. Slaughterhouses have crushed the civilization and culture of India. Therefore, for the safeguard of the honour and prestige of the nation, these slaughterhouses must be banned. Slaughter of the animals is the slaughter of the economic structure of India. Today the animal is slaughtered, tomorrow when animals extinct, the man will be slaughtered. So, to save ourselves, we should save the animals.

Abortion: Slaughterhouse in every HOME

In this respect, tomorrow I shall discuss in detail. Today, I have to speak to you, not about the opening of the slaughterhouses in the country, but about the opening of slaughterhouses in every house. Abortion is definitely a murder of Jjva (Life). It’s the murder of a Jiva (Life) with Five senses. Foetus killing, be a male foetus or female foetus, it’s the killing of a breathing live child. Foetus killing is the murder of an unborn child, then, whether the foetus is of one day or 10 days or 3 months or nine months. After pregnancy, any as early abortion is performed; Jive (Life) is certainly killed. Do not be in this belief that after the pregnancy, life comes in the foetus after some months. And before it, it is only loath of flash, which is life less. The truth is that first the Jiva enters into the womb and then its body and limbs are created. Slowly it grows there and after developmental journey and nine months difficult meditation and long wait puts its feet on this world. When it takes birth from the womb of mother, it is nine months old. The time of birth is not the first day of its age but it’s the day of it coming into the mother's womb. When any Jiva enters into this world, first its Atma (soul) enters and then its body starts being created.


But misfortune is that no honourable behaviour is extended to that coming guest. He is killed cruelly and inhumanly even before taking birth. Remember, by one abortion. Four sins are done. First sin, you have killed a guest, because the Jiva entering pregnancy is a guest. You yourselfhave invited him. He has come to your house on the invitation of husband and wife, and the murder of a guest of the house is a great sin in this country. Because we adore guest as god: Atithi Devobhavah (Guest is equal to God). Second sin : he is in your shelter. Jiva who has come for asylum needs your kindness and shelter. You have killed him, you are a sinner. Even enemy who comes to asylum and shelter needs to be left alive and forgiven. Jiva entering the womb is not your enemy. He to should be forgiven because he has come for shelter.

Third sin: he is orphan, poor and you have killed that orphan. And that the Fourth sin is that he is your son, your daughter, your own blood and he who kills his own blood is the greatest killer in this world. To betray a guest, to misbehave with one under shelter, to deceive an orphan and to kill own offspring-are not any ordinary sins, are the greatest crimes and sins of the world. One abortion and Four sms.

What a terrible eon (Kaliyug) has come that the saviours have become the killers. Mother- father who are the protector and bringing up maintainers, they very have become devourer of their offsprings and proving danger to them. Abortion is a planned killing of living, innocent Being, and there is no dreadth of killer parents in the society. Abortion has become a flourishing business. Foetus killing is increasing enormously. Lacs of innocent children are killed in the womb. Certainly, its a subject of misfortune and its long range results are not in the best interests of the society. I wish that the punishment which is for the killing of human being, be also be given to person responsible for abortions. That lady who has


been subject to abortion, that husband who has motivated for abortion and that doctor who bas performed abortion­all three are killers. Their han<Jsal'~<lrenched with blood of an innocent and it is blood of murder which cannot be putting Mehandi on it.

The wisdom says, and it has mention in the scriptures and books that in the family in which some member commitssuici4e, that family's members are untouchable for six months. Thos¢ family members can not participate in religious ceremonies, consecration, worshipping and offering Aahar (food) to Munis for six months. If six months offence is for committing suicide, then, those persons who do abortions, motivates and consents for it, should be made untouchable for whole life. Such persons cannot for their whole life touch the idol of god, cannot coronate and consecrate, can never become Indra and Indrani, can never give alms to Munis, because they are the murderers of their child, killer of their daughter. They are the murderers of the heir to their dynasty, killers of the Pararnhans.

Keep in mind, if you have killed the son or daughter by abortion, then you have not merely killed a boy or a girl, but a future Muni, a future Acharya, has been killed, because, it may be that soul could have in future become a Muni, an Acharya and would have preached for welbeing, because, today's child is tomorrow's Muni, Acharya, Social worker, Prime Minister or President; therefore I have said: you have killed tomorrow's-a Muni, an Acharya, a President. H you have killed a girl child in abortion, then think that you have killed a Mahasati like Chandan Bala, Mahasati like Sita, Trishala like mother of Tirthankara, because every soul enters this universe with many possibilities. It is, therefore, possible that that girl, that daughter could have established ideals of Chandan Bala and Sita, given birth to sons like Acharya Kundkund and Acharya Shanti Sagar, could have become reverend Aaryikas like

13 The Girl

Brahmi and Sundari; eminent householder like Chelna and Kaushalya. She could have become social worker like Mother Teresa, Indira Gandhi and Luxmi Bai. It could happen, because each soul has infinite possibilities.

So, I have said, that woman, that husband and that doctor, all three are the murderers, and they shall not be pardoned. The Karma theory says that who­so-ever have done abortions, shall in many many rebirths remain soulless, issueless. Such women who opt for abortion remain barren many rebirths. It is not me but the wisdom, principles and scriptures say. The women culprit of abortion remain barren (issueless) for many births.

The Glory of Mother

The mother, whose heart used to be as soft as butter, now that very mother's heart has become as hard as granite. It is therefore, that mother who agrees to consent to crush that bud which comes to the family to bloom and spread fragrance, the present mother has become cruel.

Aye! mother is such who dies to keep her son alive, mother is who herself remain hungry and feeds her son from her breasts; mother is such who herself sleeps in the wet and makes her son sleep in dry, mother guards her son and does not sleep whole night. The glory of mother is infinite. How much love and melody is in the word Maa (mother). The whole world's pleasures are there in the lap of mother. The learning which we get in the lap of mother, is not possible in the lap of any learned person. It is, therefore said that the lap of mother is the greatest school. The greatest music of the world is hidden in the lullaby of mother. Mother's lullaby is the greatest music. In presence of this music, Michel Jackson and his pop-music is an utter failure.



Maa (mother): this word is engrossed in our life and its beats. We have added this

word with many words: Maa: Maa is there in Mahatama (Saint), Maa is there in Aatama (soul), Maa is there Paramatama (God), Maa is there in Aasma (sky), Cinema has Maa, Dharamatama (Religious soul) has Maa. Like potato mixes in all vegetables. Not only in vegetables, it also mixes in words like Jhagad-alu (Quarrelsome), Daya-Iu (kind hearted), Irsha-Iu (Envy), likewise is the word Maa. We have created many words with this word.

Maa    (mother), Mahatama (saint) and Paramatama (greatest soul-god)-all three

are the base of our life. Life has three steps, three types. First childhood, second youth and third old age. For all these three steps of life, we have selected three important words--Maa, Mahatama and Paramatama. Mother cares for the childhood, in Youth if we go astray, the Saint by his teachings takes care and in old age if our death goes astray then God takes care and corrects. Childhood is taken care by mother, Saints take care of youth and God takes care of old age. Therefore, I have said that nothing is more important than Maa, Mahatama and Paramatama.

So, that mother, that mother of India, whose heart used to be more tender than the

leafs of rose, now has become harder than Vajra (Bolt), that she does not hesitate to consent for the killing of the son or daughter growing in her womb. Says, kill him, butcher him, cut into pieces, throw acid on him, destroy him, smash his skull; throw it out, I do not need him. That mother has become such dishonest that she even does not side her own son or daughter. Tender and soft like wax mother has become hard like pestle (moosal). Whereas, mother's affection, is such that it is said that everything in the world can be artificial but a mother can not be artificial. Her affection, her love, her caresses can not be artificial. But now this statement could be doubtful because now the mother herself


is allowing to butcher the neck of her son. She is asking to cut into pieces and take out the flower blossoming in her womb and asking to throw it away.

Not Mother but Serpaot

Keep in mind, that mother who is an accomplice in the conspiracy of the murder of her offspring, that mother is not a mother, she is the enemy of that soul of some previous birth and taking revenge today. She is not the mother but a she serpent, who herself is devouring her son, eating alive her son. She is even worse than serpent, because mother serpent eats her child only after giving birth, but the mother of Kaliyug in the shape of a serpent has eaten up that promising bud even before birth, has swallowed that Luxmi who would have been the grace and splendor of the family.

Sir, I humbly request to you to collectively try to ban this increase in the murder of the foetus. At present there are many organizations and associations working to stop the violence against animals and birds but no individual or collective efforts are made to club the killings of the foetus in the womb. This is the reason that in the religious country like ours, lacs of innocent children are killed every year.

I call up on all mothers, sisters and brothers not to indulge in such sin. The one, who on your invitation is coming to your house as guest, welcome him, honor him. Keep in mind, the soul entering into the womb is doing so on your invitation, because the pregnancy is the result of the copulation between male and female. he is your guest and we honor the guest who comes to our home. It is the tradition of this country that whether we get food or not but the guest is fed. We get water to drink or not, but shall definitely serve water to the guest even keeping ourselves hungry and thirsty. But how are we treating this guest? On the behest we extend loving invitation


The Girl

and when he reaches your home, finding him all alone you attack him, cordon him from all sides and kill him. This is betrayal. I request you, let him arrive, he is preparing for his birth, let him take birth. If you can nurse him, bring him up, if you can feed him, feed him, if you can extend mother's love and father's affection, give him. If not, don't give him milk, don't provide shelter in your home, don't give him the protection of mother's lap, don't sing him lullaby, don't take him in your lap, throw him soon after birth on the heap of waste, put him stealthy outside the door of someone, but at least let him take birth, let that soul emerge in this world, let him come out of the abode of the womb all well.

Human being and Misgivings

Leave that soul on its own after the birth on its own fate. If he has any Punya (Spiritual rewards, virtues), somebody shall be there to feed him milk, it is in his fate, someone shall become his support, if it is in his fate, he will find the lap of some Yashoda. In this country today there is need of such Yashodas who can give motherly love to unwanted children, can give motherly affection. The country is in want of such Yashodas who can give shelter to Kanhaiyas born in some jails and can fee them from the clutches of Kans. So, in your neighbourhood or in your family, if there is any such woman who is trying to destroy the son or daughter flowering in her womb, persuade her. Say, sister! Do not commit this sin. The one who is coming is your daughter and could a mother consent for the murder of her daughter? No, never. Speak to her that the coming soul comes with his own Punyas. Comes with his own management. Parents are only the cause. Who are you to manage for him? To support that Jiva (soul)? To become support of that soul? That soul who is arriving as your son or daughter has his! her own arrangements. Watch the management of the nature, on the birth of the child, the breasts of mother starts giving milk, mother's breasts are full of milk. How has it happened?



This all arrangements have been planned by nature. So leave this misunderstanding that you are the base of his life. Nature send him only after managing everything. The motherhood of nature is ever showering.

But the men is very dishonest. He is living with this misgiving and wrong belief that the child and the family are moving with his support. He is supporting his children. If he is not there, the children will not have any food. Wife will die of hunger. Your this illusion is just like ant. So it happened that an elephant was going. An ant climber on it. On way there was a river. There was a wooden bridge on the river which was very old and shattered. The elephant stepped on the bridge and the bridge with the weight of the elephant started to crackle and creak. Seeing this, so the ant spoke, brother elephant! I understand that this bridge can not carry the weight of both you and me, and so it is creaking. So if we both at the same time cross the bridge, it shall break, so I climb down. So the weight will be light. You move and I follow you. Saying so, the ant climbed down from elephant. When the elephant crossed the bridge, the ant said, look the bridge did not crack because I had climbed down.

So, that ant is none else: it is you. Your illusion are not less than that ant. You also think that this world, your family are moving on your support. In your absence all this will shatter down. But its only your misgiving. Man has created such illusions and misgivings that we are astonished. You be free from this caretaker ship that you are bringing up your daughter, trying for the livelihood of this son. You are only the cause; ~e ingredient are of that soul's itself Every person eats of his own fate.

Once two ants were going. On way they met an elephant. One ant said to the elephant; Aye you! would you wrestle with us? Before that the elephant ('.ouId speak, the other ant said: Aye! Poor one how shall



he fight with us? He is alone and we are two. In such misgivings you are living; you don't listen to others; you go on carrying your own beliefs. Duty-wisdom is falsehood. But Lord Mahaveera says, '1 am the doer of this matter'. This faith is the roof of the universe. Duty-wisdom is the second name of falsehood. Acharya Kundkund says: Do your duty but do not duty-wisdom that I am the doer. Nothing happens due to your doing. What nature wants, itself manages for it.

So make that woman understand, Sister! do not commit such sin, give birth to him and provide motherly shadow to him. Let that doctor understand that just for some money he should not kill a human being. Doctor, who becomes doctor with this oath that we shall give life to human beings, will bring life in the dieing man, will serve the diseased and suffering man. But today, for sake of some coloured pieces, for some shining clinking money, the doctors have made it their profession of aborting the foetus. Doctors and nurses who do abortions are not less than the butchers who kill innocent animals. They are not the Doctors but killers and their such sinfully earned black income can not be digested. Such money earned by killing the innocent children such sinful income shall destroy the peace of life. 1 want to speak to doctors and persons engaged in such acts that they should not become killers for such sinful income. There could be many other ways of earning. Doctors engaged in abortions are not doctors but butchers and their clinics are no less than slaughterhouses.

Me and My Talks

You may feel that my talks are very sharp and pinching. 1 talk like this. What do to? Its my compulsion. The way 1 talk, they are of blacksmith. 1 do not talk like goldsmith. 1 don't sing lullaby for sleep, but I smash bombs to wake you up. The goldsmith does thak-thak all day long, slowly, slowly hammers and it is then that some gold is carved.



On the contrary, Hammer once, and 10 the work is done. I do not have the small hammer of the goldsmith but the huge hammer of the blacksmith. My each hammering is equal to hundred hammerings of a goldsmith. So to you my talks be of the hammering. But remember, there is all possibilities to change your total life is there in my hammering. By my hammerings either there will be total change in life, or you shall run away out of  fear: if you run away, you shall be devoid of the pleasure of life. The aim of my sharp and thought provoking pondering is only that there ought to be a change in life at all cost. The evils of society, its deformities, sins and hypocrisy should be eradicated at all cost.

I have come to your Delhi to sell heart. Where the people have developed habit of living with bitterness and cruelty, I have come to distribute sweetness. Where people have taken up poison as life, I supple nectar; where people take thorns to be everything, I supply the fragrance of flowers; where people worship darkness, I supply the light of the sun and the moon. Where amavasys (moonless night) has become deity, there I distribute Poomima (full moon night). Truely, hidden in thy discourses, in my Anand Yatra (Journey of Ecstasy), in my poetry, I sell heart. I talk with heart with people with heart, about talks of heart. And probably it is the reason that people like my talks, understand my talks and people come rushing to listen my talks.

Only yesterday, one gentleman was asking why there is such a crowd everyday in your discourses? I said, people come to witness the crowd, and so it is added to the crowd. If any person comes once to listen my discourse or in the Anand Yatra, then he becomes a regular listener. Then he can not leave. And I say to you also that "You bring your daughter or daughter-in-law or your son, who runaway from the religion or saints, for once in my discourse or in Anand Yatra. Being parent your job is to bring them once,



then to call them daily is the job of Muni Tarun Sagar. Its not my pride, but my self-confidence, which you can also test."

As just the previous speaker was saying that, "Munishri has done miracle in Delhi. Here no more than 200 to 250 listeners used to come in the discourses of Munis and Acharyas. But today the ocean of the listeners, which is visible, proves that really the magical, hypnotic voice of Munishri has magnetic power, which attracts each and everyone. For the first time such huge crowd of people has assembled to listen to a Digambar Jain Saint." In this regards I also say something: when I asked my followers to arrange for my discourses at Lal Kila (Red Fort) ground, I shall speak there. There was a hub-hub in Delhi Jain Society. The established leaders of this place said this is Delhi; here only 200 to 250 people come in discourses, and on the day when 500 to a thousand listeners come, it is considered as a big gathering. Established leaders of the society persuaded my followers to make me understand that it was not a joke to have a discourse meeting at Red Fort. Leave the dream of Red Fort and manage the meeting in some temple or in some Dharamshala. Then I said to my volunteers who had fear and doubts that you only manage and leave everything to me. And I want to say this to you also that:

"The world bows, be there one to make it bow; And people do come, be there one to call".

Delhi and I

So, people of Delhi, I have come to talk to you of Dil (Heart). This is Delhi. Here the machine has become the master of man and the man has become its accountant. The man here while. managing machines has himself become a machine, and to the man who has become machine, I have come to give him one hymn of life. Previously it was the age of brain. Every man used to use brain but now it is not



the brain age, now it is the crane-age. Now every work is done by crane. By mechanical method. Today, the whole universe, from train to plane, from scooter to helicopter moves with crane. Now man has stopped using brain. Therefore, now people are having brain-hammerage. Crane is a machine. Brain is hymn and to save the people of Delhi from brain hammerage, I have come to gift them the Mantra (Hymn).

And that Mantra (Hymn) is this, you people of Delhi! Do not give your heart to anyone else other than God and Teacher (Sadguru) because in your this beautiful heart resides your loving God. If you give your heart to the world then you may suffer a heart attack. Therefore give your brain to the world, give your body but heart, heart at no cost give to anyone other then God. Your real wealth is the Parmatama (Supreme Soul-God) sitting in your heart. It is your property. Given this, what remains with you? The man is worst then a beggar after losing God.

So, this is Delhi.

Delhi has the view of whole India. Delhi is the history of India, Delhi is the mirror of India, Delhi is the heart of India. Here there is special Sangam (Junction) of all religions. All political parties have their headquarters here. Every morning-evening games of win-loose are played here--whole nation is controlled from here. Delhi is the main artery of the nation. Nation's heart, mind, intelligence, policies, industries and administration is governed from here. All dangerous people of nation are present here. Five hundred to one thousand persons sitting in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, I call them dangerous people, because whole nation's rein is in their hands but they are not under anybody's control. They are uncontrolled as free white horses pulling the chariot of nation hither-thither. Result is before all. Instability in nation, unsafe and violent environment is there. So even if my talks are felt sharp and pinching, keep listening, because they have the vision of life.


So I was telling make that lady, understand not to become the killer of her offspring. Even if she does not agree to understand, tell her to give birth to that daughter at least. When she is 40 days old after birth, give her to me, I shall bring her up. So, there is need of such Yashodas who can bring up children like Kanhas, and let not the children feel the absence of mother's love and affection. By abortions, the character, moral and ethical values are degenerating at fast pace. Throwing of children in darkness on some cross-roads unclaimed who are born out of sexual craving and pleasure seeking is cruel and cowardice, it is also a mental disease.

Mother's Milk is Not Sold

I have told you that in the world everything can be artificial but mother cannot be artificial Son can be wicked but mother cannot be a wicked mother. I have heard, I have read that in the market everything is available except mother's milk. Cow's, buffalo's and goat milk can be available in market, but mother's milk is not available. Mother's milk cannot be stored in utensils, it can be found in toothless small mouth of the son only. Only toothless mouth of the son or daughter has the right on mother's milk. But presently, those foetus in mother's womb, tender children are not only devoid of their this right, they are dealt cruelly.

And this violence and offence is committed by none other then the mother herself The heart of present mother has become hard as stone, why therefore she agrees for such cruel acts. Remember that the number of foetus is the blackest spot of womanhood. Foetus killing has put question mark on mother's lap and mother's womb, their sanctity and reliability. Mother's lap and mother's womb cannot be rented. Mother's womb is that womb which gives birth to supreme souls of Tirthankars, and preach the world for liberation form the pains of birth and death. The glory of mother, her lap and



womb is eternal, that's why unparallel saint Acharya Mantung was forced to say:

"Strinan Shatani shatsho janyanti putran,

nanya sutam twadupamm janani prasuta. SalVa disho dadhati bhani shastra rashnim, prachyeva digjanyati sphur-danshu-jalam."

Aye! thousand and thousand wise Acharyas and holy saints have praised the women. In that praise the mother's love, affection and submission has been described as unparallel. After given birth to Tirthankars she is the blessed one. You have heard that in the fourth age (chaturth kaal) Ttrthankars were born on this very land of India. Even now souls like Tirthankars can be borned. But in this Tirthankars are not borned. At present Tirthankars can be borned. Tirthankars' birth may take place, but they are afraid to be born in this age. They think that if we have birth in this machine age (Kaliyug) and someone opts for abortion, I shall be murdered. Do not know how many supreme souls like Tirthankars' are daily killed.

You might be

remembering that for the welfare of the animals Government of India has a law of Eradication of cruelty against animals. It is said that to kill the offspring of animals below six month's age is illegal and an offence. There is provision of punishment to person engaged in such act. Government has law to protect animal calf but it does not have any law to protect human child. Up to 1971 there was law against it. Up to that time abortion was treated as illegal and an offence. But afterwards this law was abolished and abortion was legalized. I wish that very harsh law for the killer of human being should be meted out to person opting, motivating and performing abortion.

So, the mother who

is even worshipped by Gods, has become cruel. That's why she




kills her child in place of giving him her love, eats him in place of feeding him. Aye! Mother is such, who when sleeping at night with her son, won't wake up be it gale of thunder or raining heavily, but if the loving son or loving daughter sleeping closely just make some sound, she immediately wakes up and her hand moves on the back of the son. Lightening flashed, clouds thundered, but mother's sleep was not disturbed, but mother is immediately awake on the slightest sound from son-why? It is because mother's life is conjunct with son's life. The heart-wire of mother is connected with heart-wire of her son. It is therefore, when the son laugh's, the mother also laugh's; when son weeps, mother also weeps. The pleasure of son becomes pleasure of mother. Therefore, it is said that the total beauty of the world is less to the mother's beauty.

Mother is Always Beautiful

However is mother, whatever be her complexion or facial contours, she is always beautiful person to her sons. Mother is really beautiful. None can be as beautiful as mother. Even ugly mother also looked up as beautiful. No one thinks about beauty when mother is concerned. To be a mother is being beautiful. Hindus have a deity whose name is 'Kali'. Really she is a black deity (Kali Devi). Her horrible face, her large physique, garland of human skulls around her neck, drinking blood by the resiling tongue, eyes which may eat up alive, everything fearful and horrible, but she is called Maa (Mother). Is called Kali Maa. She being mother, we have overlooked her ugliness. Mother, even if black, looks beautiful.

                                                                        So,          mother's

beneficences are so many of the child that it is not possible to speak about them in words. In Indian culture it is said, "Mother is like deity, Father is like deity, Acharya (Teacher) is like deity, Guest is like deity:





Mother is equivalent to God---mother is called God: for mother always gives. Mother, after giving birth to her child gives love and affection, labours, and gives her emotions. Mother gives that everything, which enables the child to grow, to blossom; but today’s so called educated children do not take interest in the care of their parents. Do not prove true to the care of their parents. Do not prove true to the wishes of parents in their old age. It is a matter to be given serious thought.

I know a son, who is a doctor son of his parents, and who is the lone support of his aged parents-the center of hope of aged parents. In dire situations, parents made him a doctor. To make him a doctor the parents had to shed all their pleasures. The son is a doctor. Once his mother fell ill. The doctor son cares for his mother, medicates her. He manages for her medicines, but when the mother is cured, he hands over to her the bill. Mother looks at the bill of her cure and does not believe because she could not think even in her dreams that her son would bill her for her cure. Mother looked at the bill and then her 'Dil' (heart) standing opposite her. Her eyes got watered. She was helpless. Old age had made her limbs limp. And today the bill given by her son had also broken her heart. The old lady had tears in her eyes. She was so much desperate that words had lost. Her voice had also lost. She was repeatedly looking at the bill and the 'Dil' (Heart).

                                                                        How              much

incoherent it is. To what extent today's offspring’s have become worthless and disgraceful that very mother who had given him heart, today's educated doctor son hands over to her the bill for her cure. What a shame? Increasing neglect and indifference towards older people is a dangerous signal. I ask is there any mother who has billed her son? We won't find any such mother in history who had said-son! I cleaned so much dirt in your childhood-this is its bill. I had changed innumerable times your clothes-this is its bill. This bill is for the milk you drank in your






childhood. I kept you in my womb-this is its bill. Son, in your sufferings I kept awake for night after night-this is its bill. Is there any such mother who has given bill to her son for all these services? No, no such exception has been viewed ever. And, if

            anyone mother hands over even a single bill to her son for only

one service that she kept him in her womb, then could you pay that bill? Do you have this much competence and capacity to make payment to that bill? Remember! Repayment to mother's milk, mother's nursing, mother's services can not be made even after selling India.

Temple and the Priest

Some rich and affluent people appoint servants for the care of their parents-

this is also wrong-service of parents and worship of God should be done by self Servants be not used for service and prayer. In this country there are some people who construct temple of God: establish idol of their adorable in it and then appoint priest for the worship of God. Is it the way? I ask: Is there any man who marrys and then appoint a servant to love his wife? Probably there is no such man. But the man is so dishonest that he constructs temple and then appoint a priest to worship the deity of temple. You are ashamed to send servant before you wife, you laugh at this idea, but sending before God? So, is God less then your wife? Keep in mind: when servant won't serve the purpose in love, how could a servant serve God and old parents? Service should be from the depth of heart. Without heart, to serve is not service but compulsion.

Keep in mind: whose parents are alive they don't understand the importance of

parents. Like we breathe. But what is the importance of breathing? We don't understand, but when suffocating and breathing stops then for the first time we understand the importance of breathing. Like we do not understand the importance of our various limbs,




but when some limb stops functioning and we become handicapped then we feel the absence of the limb. Likewise up to the time when the parents' patronage is there, the offspring’s do not understand the value of that patronage. But once that patronage is no more, then we feel its absence.

Could you be for someone or not, doesn't matter, but do be of your parents. Because whatever you are today, it is all due to them. You are standing because of the energy given to you by parents. You are the extension of your parents; you are the part of the parents. You are Ansh (Part) therefore you should try to be Paramhansh (absolute). By your good deeds, your service to parents you have to repay the loan of parents. You have much beneficence of theirs. Out of much beneficence one is that they have bestowed you with life, saved you, otherwise had they been parent’s of Kaliyug (machine age), they would have killed you through abortion even before your birth. But you are fortunate that you had parents of Satyug, who not only brought you up but also educated you and made you able. Now it is your duty to bring glory to them by your best living. By education and initiation glorify yourself and your family. Be the light of the family and glorify it.

Light of Family: Sky Lamp

In Indian tradition the offspring is called the light of the family (Kuldeepak) because he lights the family but when some kuldeepak takes incarnation

(deeksha), he becomes the light of the sky (aakash deep). And the lamp of sky is of all, because it gives light to all. Light of the sky belongs not only to a society but also to the whole nation, whole


So, who have given energy, to you, you should be submissive to them, but the situations are contrary to this at present. New generation, especially the




educated one of urban area behave irresponsibly towards their parents. One doctor son hands over bill to his mother for her treatment, it is the insult of our society. It’s a sharp blow on the face of social and human values. Its a living example of our

                               inhumanity and beastality. Now the situations are so emerging

that we are feeling that the character and cultural values are deteriorating at a fast pace, and if the Indian values and character and thinking of man continues to deteriorate at this pace, that the day is not far away when the mother will be demanding for keeping the son in her womb for nine months and her modern postgraduate son will take out his purse from his pocket and say, mother! You talk of nine months, take the rent for' whole year and leave me. Such situation is to happen and we ourselves shall be responsible for it. If new generation is not taught the lesson of religiosity and value education, we shall our self-see it happen from our own eyes. Therefore, I say that give this new generation rites, traditions and make them cultured. Because if the roots of culture are strong then the hurricane of modernity shall not be in a position to pull down the baniyan of culture-of the new generation.

And who shall do this? Basically mother shall have to do this because mother, woman has three faces, one of Luxmi (Goddess of wealth), second of Saraswati (Goddess of wisdom) and third of Durga (Goddess of Protection). Let woman take form of Luxmi to make family culturally wealthy. To educate the child let her become Saraswati and to eradicate the social evils let her sit on the back of Lion and become Durga.

But presently the woman has forgotten her power. Not only that she has forgotten her powers, she has also become an enemy of her own gender. For exploitation of woman, to a great extent woman herself is responsible. Every mother likes her son and hates the daughters it not the exploitation of woman by woman. She has forgotten




that this is that nation where the woman was not only honoured but worshipped. Woman has been given the status of Luxmi and Goddess. According to Jainism, if any woman breaks the bondage of the world, takes Deeksha and becomes Aryika (female saint), then she become holy and worship able by men. Mahaveer Swami's disciple Mahasati Chandan Bala and Sati Sita are the living examples.

Today, woman exploits woman. A mother-in-law admonishes her daughter­-in-law only for this that she has brought less dowry, she curses daughter-in-law's parents that they gave less dowry in marriage. Daughter-in-laws are being burned for this dowry. They are being forced to die. Her parents are being shamed and dishonored. Remember! Dowry is also violence, a sin. It is modern and new sin. It has spread its wings in all high-considered castes like Mahajans, Jains, Brahmins, Hindus and in other castes also and is eager to swallow the society.

Dowry: The Sixth Sin

Remember, one who eats flash or drinks wine is not the only sinners, but those people who compel the bride's family for dowry in marriage, decides upon dowry, do not hesitate to take large dowry, are also in a way sinners, because they are also in a way indulging in the business of flash. Because they are openly selling their son in the market. They are selling flash of living being. Therefore they are not only sinners but also extreme sinners. It is to keep in mind that those who are selling their sons openly in the market of dowry are shaming their sons, because a groom purchased in dowry can never keep his head high and he shall be the slave of his wife and his in-laws. Dowry is the sixth sin. Lord Mahaveer has mentioned five sins in the scriptures-violence, lie, theft, dishonesty, and accumulating wealth. But I say that now there is one more sin, and that is-Dowry sin. On: the pier of dowry, every day hundreds



of women are sacrificed. If in the form of increasing girl-child foetus killing and women-dowry murders, violence is not immediately checked, then in the coming times their results will be horrible and blasting.

I very humbly request you all to establish ideals in this direction and vow that we shall not permit this Dowry Damn to climb over our heads. Fathers of daughters resolve not to give their daughters to beggars demanding dowry. That they will not give their daughters to, dowry hungry greedy wolfs. That they will not give their daughter to wealth crazy beasts. That who cannot give honor of daughter to daughter-in-law, in that family they shall not give their daughter. Don't give your daughter in such families who put more weight on money then life, in the interest of happy future of your daughters. For whom marriage is not a sacred relationship but a business, who take not the wedding as the meeting of two unknown hearts, but a source of income. To send your daughter to homes of wealth greedy persons is to make her the goat of sacrifice.

I have to speak to the fathers of the sons too, that you; also resolve not to demand dowry. That you shall accept whatever girl's father happily and affectionately gives. That the bride herself is dowry. You will not let this ideal shattered. That shall give honor of daughter to daughter-in-law; shall behave affectionately with her. That you shall accept daughter-in-law as Grih luxmi. Today differentiation is being made between daughter and daughter-in-Iaw--it is unfortunate. That mother-in-law who put difference between daughter and daughter-in-law treats them differently; she cannot be a mother-in-law with Samyagdrishti (Seeing equal). The symptoms of truely religious mother-in-law are that she extends love and affection parallel to daughter to her daughter-in-law, behaves affectionately. At present the women are fighting for equality rights. This is necessary too. Women, to become self-reliant shall have to waken up their self-confidence


The Giri


and be educated to fight to eradicate the social evils. If the woman decides that she will not let the girl-foetus growing in her womb be killed, and shall not allow someone's daughter who has come to her home as her daughter-in-law be burned in the fire of dowry; then for a golden future of the women it shall be a courageous


One Talk With You

I have to say one thing to the mother in Laws also that they should not draw a de-marketing line between daughter and daughter-in-law. Extend affectionate behavior to daughter-in-Laws as for the daughter so that their worshipping, religiosity are not defamed. If one mother ­in-law, who goes to temple daily, worships there for hours, at home observes many kinds of fasts, but differentiates between daughter and daughter-in-law then her visits to temple are useless. She is not religious but hypocrite. Her this hypocritical behavior is nothing but self-praise, self-esteem. If one father-in-­law over enthusiastically takes part in social service and religious functions, serves the saints and is always in the front in devotion, regularly listens the discourses, but does not miss taking dowry, won't miss robbing in the name of dowry, then understand that father-in-law is not a pious and devotee of religion. His face of paucity is similar to hypocrite. Keep in mind that one who demands dowry and robs girl's father in the name of dowry can never be a devotee of Ram and Mahaveera. Seeking pleasure at others cost can never be a Samyagdristy person. Samyag Darshan (Philosophy of Equality) is not for discussion only; it is to be observed. At present there are many serious discussion in the temples on equality, not none is visible observing it in life.

Along with this I have specially speak to the father-in-Laws that they should not give more importance to their wife over their daughter-in-law. Mostly if the mother-in-law complaints against daughter-in-law,

32 The Girl


then the father-in-law without giving any opportunity to hear the other side version or without properly himself finding out the reality, takes any decision, which results in fighting and struggle. In families where father-son do not pay more attention to the complaints of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in such families there are almost no quarrels. One's order should be in the family. In families where two different orders are in force, understand that the peace of the family is to vanish.

It so happened, father-son were sitting outside. Days were cold and father and

son were reading newspaper in warming sun. Inside the kitchen mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were busy. Then something happens. What happening, it was an accident. In the kitchen some utensil falls and breaks. Hearing the breaking of the utensil, the father spoke to the son: son go inside and see who has broken? Son listened and unlistened. After sometime the father again asked: son go inside and find out what has happened? Who has broken the utensil? The son this time also did not listen. He was reading newspaper and continued reading it. Third time the father irritatingly asked: son, don't you listen? I asked you to go inside and find out who has broken the utensil? The son opened his mouth and said: Father! No need to go inside. Sitting here only I can say who has broken the utensil. Hearing son so speak, the father was much astonished. The father said, O.K Who has broken? Son said, this glass ware is broken by mother's hands. The father said:

What! By mother's hands? Is it broken by your mother's hand: it could have been broken by daughter-in-law as well. What is its proof? The son said: Father, there is no sound from mother after the utensil broke and it is the proof There was jingle of the utensil breaking but afterwards no sound from mother. If this ware had been broken by daughter-in-law's hands, then we would have heard mother's great sound along with the jingle of utensil breaking. So this double standards of behavior between mother-daughter-in-laws is also the major cause of quarrels in the families. If there is




any mistake by the daughter-in-law, then there are so many persons to speak to her. Elders of the family start cursing her and pounce on her. If the mother-in-law can be excused and pardoned for that mistake, then the daughter-in-law should also, for the same mistake, at least be excused, or make her understand with affection. If father and son start paying attention on this trifle issues in the family, then many infightings and quarrels will automatically be over.

And One Talk With You

One thing I shall prefer to speak to the mothers of the girls, and it is that while seeing off your daughter, your girl, do give the wisdom and traditions to her that daughter, take that home your real home in which you are entering as daughter-in-law. Treat your in-laws as your father and mother and respect them, behave with affection, to be darling of your husband be your duty and religion. With this you also give this teaching to her that! Daughter life is the current of Ganga, not a railway line which moves parallel. The current of Ganga sometimes moves this or that way and has to pass many places. Ganga passes through many places but does not permit her sanctity to be affected. Many turns will also come, many valleys and slops will come, but daughter! move cautiously and don't let the sanctity of life be affected. H you face any sorrow then weep sitting alone, but never let the honor of the family be affected by it, and never let your tears be visible to others, because every person is not a doctor who will understand you sufferings and treat them.

                                                                        Teachings            of

mother to daughter shall be a precious treasure of her. Mother gives many things to daughter in marriage, but along with these if she gets the teaching of duty also, then in testing times and while in trouble, she will not be disturbed and moved. I would say one thing to the girls also, not to act as broker in the fight between




mother-daughter-in-laws. Such girls who in their maternal homes gets mother-daughter-in-Law fight by backbiting will prove responsible for the breaking of family in their in laws home. To backbite is heinous. Girls should check themselves: trom such acts, and glorify their parents by their loving, charming behavior and service of the guests.

One thing I have to speak to the males also: you all desire that your wife should be kind-speaking, courteous like Sati Sita, Savitri: but have you ever thought that for this you shall also have to be like Ram and live with limits and decorum of Ram. If you desire for a Sita like faithful wife then you also shall have to present Ram's ideals. In Indian culture wife is not just the object of fulfilling sexual desires only, on the contrary, wife being wife, also fulfils her duties as wife by religion (Dharampatni). She motivates you to move on the path of sanctity and as such she is your guide and escort; therefore, you should understand the emotions and desires, wishes of your wife and show respect to them. Wife is the incarnation of Goddess. When the husband can be God, then why not the wife can be like Goddess?

And in the Last

                                                                        With               this,

especially, for happy married life, husband-wife should make this

understanding that when one is in anger, the other will become water. If home is to be made heaven (Swarga), then such understanding you shall have to make. If husband becomes: fire in anger then the wife be water because :fire can only be controlled by water. The cure of: fire is water and the cure of anger is forgiveness. Petrol is not the cure of: fire and anger is not cure of anger. So, if husband becomes: fire then wife be water and when the wife becomes: fire then husband to become water. But today's husbands have become so dishonest that they become f"Ire ten times from morning to evening and each time wife becomes




water. But if wife for once in anger becomes fire then he becomes bonfire. It is injustice to wife.

Males should think that wife is also a worldly person. She too has her emotions and expectations. She can also have anger over any indifference to her emotions or desires so on becoming fire, she should also be excused for once. If males start such positive thinking about their wives, then there will be a fall in the atrocities and exploitations against women.

So, I have told you something about an old woman and her daughter frankly. I hope: you shall give deep thinking to them and ponder over them and start a public movement against abortion and killing of foetus and homes t1lrning into slaughterhouses. I may tell you once again: the killing of foetus is a great sin and is condemnable offence. Foetus killing Doctor, woman asking for it and husband motivating for it, all are a killer. The girl is auspicious, killing the girl we should not invite inauspiciousness. She is Mangal ­Kalash   (auspicious pitcher), and to kick Mangal- Kalash girl is sin, then to kill her should definitely be greatest sin. If by anyone of you by unknowingly or mistake committed this greatest sin, then repent for it by sitting at the feet of some wise man, Acharya and pious teacher, otherwise the results will be horrible.

You have listened to me with love and silence, I feel obliged. I seek your leave with this faith and confidence that you shall be accepting others existence along with yours and let the lives bestowed by the God be blossomed and spread fragrance.

This much for today…... ...


The Girl






The End

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