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Once upon a time, there lived two persons named Dhanvantri and Vishavaloma. They were pious and religious persons, and as such, after their death, they were born in heaven as Devas, and were known as Amitprabh and Vidurprabh. Devas have the power to transform themselves into any shape and size and can travel to any part of the world. After a long stay in Heaven, they decided to go to the earth for testing the extent and intensity of Dharma there.

First they went to Yamdagni Rishi, who was in deep meditation. They successfully disturbed him in his meditation. After this they went to Rajgiri a city in Magdhdesh. There lived a seth named Jindatta. He was a Samayagdarshti Jiva that is he had firm belief and faith in his religion (Jainism). He devoted himself mainly to meditation (Dhyan) which is considered to be the most important means for the destruction of Karmas, and for purification of soul leading to salvation.

One day, when Jindatta was in deep meditation, Amitprabh said to Vidurprabh that he would not succeed in disturbing the meditation of Jindatta, because he was a Samayagdrashti Shravak. As such the  question of disturbing any Jain muni when he was in  meditation did not arise. On hearing this Vidurprabh  tried to test Jindatta. He did all that he could to disturb Jindatta in his meditation but could not succeed. This pleased him and Vidurprabh blessed Jindatta with "Akashgaman Vidya", that is the power to travel even in sky.

After blessing Jindatta with "Akashgaman Vidya",


Vidurprabh told Jindatta that this Vidya can be attained by anyone who had firm belief in "Namokar Mantra", the worship of Panch Parmeshti. After narrating the importance of this "Vidya", the two devas went back to Heaven. Seth Jindatta was very happy, and in high spirits, and started going every morning to "Sumeru Parvat" for the worship of Jain bimbs or images there.


In Jindatta's house, there lived a brahmin named Somdatta who used to bring flowers for Jindatta daily. One day Somdatta asked Jindatta where he went early every morning. Jindatta replied that he went to Sumeru Parvat to worship Akritim ChaityaJayas. He also told him that this became possible because he had acquired the. "Akashgaman Vidya". Somdatta got curious and very eager to learn the same 'Vidya' from the Seth. So he requested Jindatta to teach him that 'Vidya'. Jindatta on his persistence told him the basic principle of acquiring this vidya i.e. a firm belief in 'Namokar Mantra' and in its great efficacy in achieving one's objectives.


Somdatta decided to acquire this 'Vidya'. He therefore, on the night of one Krishna Paksha Chaturdasi went to the jungle nearby. He prepared a cradle tied with 108 strings all made from the fine twigs of plants, and suspended the cradle from the eastern branch of a banyan tree. Just below this branch were placed sharp and pointed weapons. He fasted for two days and sat on the cradle reciting "Namokar Mantra". He thought that if he continued to recite "Namokar Mantra" and cut the strings one by one, he would not fall on the weapons kept below as he would have attained the "Akashgaman Vidya". But as soon as he was ready to cut the ropes, he became afraid of the weapons below and thought that if Jindatta's words were untrue, he



While coming out of the palace, he thought he was invisible, but forgot about the shining necklace, which was visible. The guards saw the shining necklace and ran towards it. Anjan Chor threw away the necklace and ran away

towards the forest without being caught. When Anjan Chor reached

the forest, he saw Somdatta who was going up and down the cradle with the intention of cutting the ropes for acquiring "Akashgaman

Vidya". Anjan Chor asked Somdatta what he was doing and what his problem was. The brahmin told him everything and also the way in which Akashgaman Vidya" could be obtained. After hearing the procedure 



for acquiring the 'Vidya' from the Brahmin, the Chor­also learnt the 'Namokar Mantra' from Somdatta. He was very happy after getting the 'Mantra'. He had no' doubt in his mind about the efficacy of the 'Mantra' and in the words of the Seth. He wanted to recite the Mantra himself and remember it. But there was, no time to do so, as the king's soldiers were in a hot pursuit after him and may reach there any moment.


In view of this urgency, Anjan Chor sat down immediately on the cradle and while cutting the string one by one, he continued to recite "Tanam Tanam Seth Vakyam Pramaanam" i.e. whatever Seth has said  was true. This he said because he had, no time to remember' "Namokar Mantra". This shows that he had firm faith in the efficacy of the 'Mantra'. Thus having firm belief, he cut all the 108 strings one by one, while reciting the changed text of the Mantra. As he was falling down on the weapons kept below, he acquired "Akashgaman Vidya" and his fall was arrested by the 'Vidya' and no harm was done to him.

Anjan Chor acquired the 'Vidya due to his firm belief in 'Namokar Mantra', while Somdatta could not achieve on account of doubts. Brahmin's strong Mithyatva Karma made him doubtful.

"Akashgaman Vidya" asked Anjan Chor what he wanted and for further orders. Anjan Chor desired to go immediately to seth Jindatta. At that time Seth had gone to Sumeru Parvat and was worshipping in Akritim Chaityalyas with great devotion. So, 'Vidya' carried Anjan Choi to Sumeru Parvat and took him to Jindatta. Anjan Chor was very happy to meet Jindatta and visited Chaityalyas. He explained everything to Jindatta about the way he acquired this 'Vidya'. Anjan Chor told him




that he had acquired this 'Vidya' by following Jindatta's 'Updesh'. He then became interested in' achieving . Moksha and requested him to preach him how he could step on the path to Moksha. Jindatta explained to him principles of 'Ratantraya'-right belief (Samyakdarshan), right knowledge (Samyak Gyan), and right conduct (Samyak Charitra).

Anjan . Chor then took Jina Deeksha from Charan Riddhi Dhari Muni and meditated on Kailash Parvat. He got rid of his four Ghatiya Karmas and achieved omniscience i.e. Kewalgyan. Afterwards he got rid of the remaining four Ghatiya Karmas with 'Shukala Dhyan' and attained 'Moksha from Kailash Parvat.





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