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Acharya Samantabhadra has said that the objective of true religion is to place its votaries in the excellent (spiritual) bliss. Revered Aryika Bahubali Mataji is ever conscious this ideal of Jainism in her preaching and practices. She is herself a recluse - a homeless seeker of spiritual bliss. Every word that emanates from her is overwhelmed with the spirit of the well-being of all. The present work from her pen is a concise and successful composition in the same direction. Based on her personal practice and experience, it is bound to give valuable inspiration and guidance on the path of religion to the readers.

  These days we see a diversion among the foreigners under the repulsion against the pleasures of the world, in favour of the thought and ideology of the East, specially the philosophy and religion of the Jainas. It can also be felt that the English - knowing society in India is comparatively more interested and attracted to read religious books in English. Revered Matajis attempt to express her ideas through English is prompted by such a trend of the time. Besides, Mataji has made use of Sanskrit terms in the text of the book in Roman with popular spelling to facilitate the reading of the book and appreciation of the ideas contained in it. The selection of the subject-matter and its presentation in simple but persuasive language will certainly appeal to the readers.

The main theme of the work is the exposition of Right Faith - the very root of Jain religion -the loss of which leaves no hope for the spiritual uplift for a novice. Right Faith, therefore, occupies a prominent place in the work. The importance of the work as an




instrument of propagation of Jaina religion is enhanced by the inclusion of the narratives of the persons who could distinguish themselves in the observance and maintenance of one or the other aspect of Right Faith. The style of expression adopted in this respect is again simple, factual and inspirational, reflecting Matajis very objective behind the work. Besides, the discussion of Dharma under various descriptions and that of Jaina ontology and ethics under the concepts of six substances and seven principles has also been covered to a feasible extent.


One will not fail to express compliment to the Jain Social Welfare Association of Green Park., New Delhi for its decision to take up the publication of the work, which is truly a good· piece of socio-religious service most needed by the people at present. It is a viable step taken by the Association to promote the mission of Revered Mataji in particular and that of Jaina religion in general.

May the readers be blessed with and benefited by the message of Revered Mataji through this book by her.

Shravan Pumima                           Dr. S.C. Jain

Veer Nirvan Samvat 2521

 August 10, 1995





        (Aryika 105 Shri Bahubali Mataji)


Bahubali Mataji, the author of this book, is one of the four Aryikas of the Sangh of Aryika 105 Shri Bharatmati Mataji. This Sangh was moving mostly in southern Maharashtra and the adjoining borders of Karnataka. With the blessings ·of Acharya Muni Vidyanandji, it came to Delhi in May, 1993 and stayed in Sri Kund Kund Bharti. 18B Institutional Area, New Delhi. It had its Chaturmas in 1993 at Green Park, New Delhi alongwith Acharya Muni Vidyanandji Maharaj. In 1994, the Chaturmas was held at Muzaffarnagar (U.P.) and this year (1995), Chaturmas is going to be held at Baraut (U.P). The Sangh had also gone to Badrinath (U.P.) in May/June 1994. The Sangh during its stay at Shamli (U.P.) from November, 1994 to June, 1995 created such an ideal religious atmosphere that the Jain Community with the Sangh's blessings and training successfully organised the much delayed Panch Kalyanak under the patronage and auspices of Acharyas Muni Vidyanandji Maharaj.

Bahuballl Mataji was born on 7th January, 1960 at Shamanevadi, a village in Belgaum district of Karnataka. She comes from a very religious family. Her elder sister Bharatmati Mataji, took Aryika Deeksha in 1974. Her father is almost a sanyasi (ascetic) and has not been taking any cereals for the past 16 years and depends on fruits only taken twice a day. Bahubali Mataji, in view of the religious environments in the family, became a Brahamcharni in 1976 at the tender age of sixteen years. Soon after, she took Seventh Pratima (a high stage of renunciation). She came in contact with Acharya Vidyanandji at Sravanbelgola .


Karnataka in 1981 and had her Chaturmas that year with Muniji. Acharya Muni Vidyanandji was greatly impressed with her devotion to religion and her vast knowledge and at his instance, Aryika 105, Shri shrutmati Mataji gave her Aryika Deeksha on 5th May,

1982 at Ganesh Vadi in Maharashtra.


Bahubali Mataji's first Chaturmas, after she became Aryika, was with Acharya Vidyanandji at Kothli (Karnataka) in 1982. Later in 1988, 1989 and 1993 she had her Chaturmas also with Acharya Vidyanandji. She was thus greatly benifited by her close and long contact with Acharya Vidyanandji. Due to hard work, she has not only studied deeply the various important books of Jain philosophy, but has learnt Sanskrit, Prakrit, Hindi and English; in addition she knows Marathi and Kannad, which is her mother tongue. Due to her thorough study of all the important Jain literature, she has very clear conception and understanding of the Jain philosphy. Wherever she goes, she takes very keen interest and pains to impart to men, women and children the principles of Jain religion. For this purpose, she not only gives discourses (sermons) each morning, which are very well attended, but also takes regular classes every afternoon. She systematically teaches Chhayadhala, Dravya Sangrah, Tatwarth Sutra etc. During her stay, the atmosphere in the area gets electrified with religion and everyone is keen to learn as much as possible during her stay. Her sweet temperament endears her to all those who come in contact with her and they do not want her to leave them.

Bahubali Mataji's life ambition is not only to purify her soul, but also to impart and inculcate religious thoughts and  principles in as many people as possible. She wants everyone to understand that peace


of mind and happiness can be brought only through religion and not through worldly possessions.

In this book, she has explained about Dharma, Deva, Guru, Shastra, seven Tattavas and eight Angas of Samyagdarshan.


Nahar Singh Jain Trustee

Jain Social Welfare Association


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