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The science of Attaining Godhood

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The English Version of this Tract is Specially Published on the auspicious occasion of the 26th Birth Centenary of

Bhagwan Mahavir

The Science Of Attaining Godhood



Written by

Sh. Babulal Jain

Sanmati Vihar, 2/10, Ansari Road        Daryaganj, New Delhi - 110002

Translated by

Br. Sh. Hem Chand Jain 'Hem' Poojya Shri KanjiSwami Smarak Trust

Kahan Nagar, Devlali (Nasik), Maharashtra - 422401

Published by

      Shri Godawari Devi Jain

               Charitable Trust

    M.P. Jain Charitable Trust 2/10 Ansari Road New Delhi


            New Delhi


Lord Mahavira's 2527th Salvation Day

Printed by:

Swastic Printers & Publishers, New Delhi, Ph.: 23264435


By the Author

A great need was being felt since many years that there must be available a small tract on religion which should have been written in the present day language and in simpler words so that the whole of the human race rises above communal bais and preju­dices and may understand the essence of 'Dharma' (religion) eas­ily, without any partiality. This tract has been written to fulfill this need. First of all, attaining "Atma-Jnan or Self - Knowledge (in­sight/self realization) is utmost necessary; because in the absence of 'Atma-Jnan' (insight) the attachment-aversion feelings this soul (Jiva) con not attain pure state free from blemishes. therefore, in this tract the process of attaining "Atma-Jain '(self-realization) and through it how to become a layman, then superman and then at­taining God hood respectively by way of giving up all attachment aversion feelings gradually, is explained.

There is a lot of difference between a true religion and a sect (communal religion). When some school of thought is given some particular name, it becomes a sect or sectarian religion. Its objective is limited only to complete the meaningless and lifeless rituals of that community. To carry the dead weight of false super­stitions and exploiting the people by making them prey of so called old customs and slave of beaten path is the task of a sect or sectar­ian religion. Whereas the objective of following a true religion is to make one's life healthy and happy and is a cause of a self-benediction as well as of others 'Dharma' (religion) is concerned with the soul, where as a sect is concerned with outwardly affairs. The nature of Dharma always remains the same, it does not change w.r.t. Country, time or person. The Dharma's scope is unlimited; it is for all living beings and is benedictory to all. A brief description of such a religion is given in this tract. I expect the readers to read this tract with the above-mentioned vision.

About 25,000 copies of this tract in Hindi were distributed in different states. This has also been translated in Marathi and Gujrati. Now Shri Hemchand ji Jain of Bhopal has translated it into English language. I am very much grateful for work he has done. I expect that this tract in English will prove much more useful to the English-knowing people.

                                                                            B.L. Jain


Translator's Page

About a decade ago, spiritually inspired selfless scholar of Jain philosophy. Shri Babulal Jain (Calcutta wale) New Delhi wrote a small book "Jain Dharma "- The science of attaining Godhood with the  sole objective to let the eager seekers of truth know the art & science of self-realisation and attaining the right path of salvation. On getting very good response & commendation from the readers for his praise worthy composition he felt happy and wanted since long to get it translated into English.

So he contacted my friend Prof J.L. Jain, Indore in 1996 who could translate 3-4 pages only (out of 66 pages) and felt tired because of old age and sent the above book to me for completing the translation. But because of my father's ill health and official workload I could not take up this work in hand till 1999. After resigning from BHEL, Bhopal's service in July 1998 L finding Devlali's climate and spiritual atmosphere very suitable, settled partly here in Kahan Nagar, Devlali (Nasik). When the author of this book-Shri BL Jain requested and insisted me to take up this work early so as to enable him to publish its English version by the 2600th Birthday anniversary celebrations of the 24th Tirthankara Shri 1008 Bhagwan Mahavir Swami (which fell on 25th April 2002) I put my all out efforts and translated this book by October 2000 and sent the manuscript to the author for printing at the earliest. But the same could not materialise early because of various rea­sons, however, now it is taking shape and reaching in your hands for study and correction of faith-knowledge & conduct. I am thank­ful to Shri BL Jain for engaging me in this noble work of serving

'Jinavani '.

I hope that all young and old persons who know English would like to read this book for their spiritual benefit.

Br. Hem Chand Jain 'Hem'

                                               Kahan Nagar Devlali   

                                               Ex-Manager, BHEL, Bhopal (MP)

Dated: 1-9-2001 Anant Chaturdashi




 Shri All India Digambar Jain Scholars Parishad     

Off: Karanja (Lad), Distt. Akola-444105 (M.S.)   

Respected Shri Pt. Babulalji,

With all regards saadar Jai Jinendra! We hope you must be in the best of spirits. Though I have not met you personally, yet it was such a great experience and opportunity to -; study your most valuable book "Jainism . The science of Attaining Godhood" The book gave me immense pleasure and satisfaction. Since long there was a need for an unbiased and easy to understand basic book on Jain religion which would be valuable to all. This need has been fulfilled by this great book and you deserve to be facilitated for this. Let us see when do we meet. Please accept our many thanks for this extraordinary and important work to help under­stand Jain religion in a simple way. Best wishes for the future.


 Manik Chandra Chavre



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