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Looking for Jain Matrimonial..? 




Here are the  profiles  of brides for a suitable match



JP- B003                                    

Personal Information:


NAME                                            :        NEHA  GARG



DATE  OF  BIRTH                       :        11th  January, 1990

TIME OF BIRTH                         :        9.09 PM

PLACE OF BIRTH                      :        AJMER


EDUCATION                                :        Convent Educated,

                                                                  Throughout I Class with distinctions


Schooling                                        :        Sophia School , Ajmer


Graduation                                     :        B.B.A. From Sophia College , Ajmer (2nd position in university)


Post Graduation                             :      MBA from MDS University , Ajmer (2nd position in university)


COMPLEXION                             :        Very Fair,  Beautiful, Slim  &  Pleasing Personality


HEIGHT                                         :        5' 6"

HOBBIES                                       :        Listening music, handicrafts.


GRAND  FATHER                       :        Late  Shri  R. N. Garg  (X.En., CPWD)


FATHER                                        :        Mr. Pramod Garg

                                                                  Employee in UCO Bank, Pushkar( Ajmer ) Rajasthan


MOTHER                                       :        Mrs. Amita Garg, Teacher at M.P.S., Ajmer




BUA JI                                            :        Smt. (Dr.)  Prabha  Gangal - House wife


PHUFA JI                                      :        Mr. Yogesh Bhushan Gangal, X.En. (DDA)

                                                                  Residing in Delhi


MAUSI                                  :          Mrs Anupama Agarwal married to businessman Mr Rajesh Agarwal   (computer business at Jodhpur )


MAMA                                            :      Mr Adarsh goyal ( Businessman )



ADDRESS                                      :        B-26, Panchsheel Colony,

                                                                  Near  Vinayak Complex,

                                                                  Makarwali Road , Ajmer .

                                                                  Tel.No. : (0145) - 2644290

                                                                  Cell : 9928189790

                                                                  E-mail : pramodgarg20@yahoo.in








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