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Here are the  profiles  of grooms for a suitable match



JP- G025                                                        MUNISH JAIN               


                             BIO DATA   

                  Personal Information  

click on the link to down load the profile of Shri Munish Jain  

Click on the picture.



Note:-Please check the following important aspects before sending the profile as desired by the boy and his family.

  1. The girle must be slim, good looking, unmarried between the age 23-30 yearsbelonging to banyia cast (May be Aggarwal Jain or non Jain) .

  2. She must be willing to be complete house wife without anyone pressure's ( not even under pressure of parents) and can accomodate among joint family.

  3. The Girle must  be non working and not very highly educated (graduation or under gradudtion would be preferable).

  4. The girle should belong to medium class family only (Not belonging to high/very high class cultural family).

  5. The girle and the family make it sure that they are comfortable to have relation with the divorcee.

  6. The family is strictly against any kind of demands and beleive in making good relationship even if single penny is not spent in marriage. The Boyand his family are looking are looking such a family who are simple, good thinking and are down to the earth.

In case the above conditions suits to your requirements then  only please persue the case.

Munish Jain,

Cell: +91-7206353413

e-mail ID:-onsbiz@gmail.com














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