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Here are the  profiles  of grooms for a suitable match



JP- G019 ;                                                    Jitendra Dhariwal


BIO DATA   & Personal Information  



Name and contact details:- 


Name                                :        Jitendra Dhariwal

Age/ Date of birth                :        01-01-1985 at Barmer (Raj)

Height                                :        5’-6”

Marital status                      :        Unmarried

Phone                                :        02982-220149

Mobile                                :        09414438818

e- mail                               :        dj.kaboom@yahoo.com


Address - details:-

Address: C/O manakamal Chandmal dhariwal, kalyanpura, Shivkar Road, Barmer (Rajasthan)-344001

Parent’s origins Barmer,

Religion: Jain, Gotra - dhariwal


Education:- 12th, Diploma in professional dance from GADA, Surat and Diploma in DJ mixing and remixing (professional) Mumbai

Employment: - Proprietor in M/S KaBoom DJ, Dance & Events organizer & operator (professional), Rupees. 5,00,000/-P.A


Family: - Separate signal family only 2 member ( My Mother & Me).my father had expired & 2 brothers are married & also live separately.

Father: - Late Shri Veer Chand Dhariwal


Mother: -Smt. Narbada Devi Dhariwal, House wife.

Elder brothers: - Two brothers (Married), finance works, stage programmer.  No Sister

More about your personality: - create music remix &
What makes you: - Interests and Hobbies (like normal CV) Music, Dance, Travelling etc.
Identity information
: -PAN No.AQZPJ9245R

The type of partner your Seeking: - 
Age, Height, background, religion, Education, work, future plans etc Age;22 to 28.Height:5’2'' to 5’10’’Background;simple,regilious,social .religion; any Jain .Education; 10th minimum. Work; any (home/office/own), we can cooperate. I want to fair/beautiful good looking girl with sincere, social with no bad habits.




























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