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Here are the  profiles  of grooms for a suitable match



JP- G010

BIO DATA                          


Personal Information

NAME                                                      : RISHABH JAIN

EDUCATION                                                      : CHARTERED  ACCOUNTANT

DATE OF BIRTH                                             : 22ND DECEMBER, 1989

PLACE OF BIRTH                                          : KANPUR

TIME OF BIRTH                                             : 02:15 A.M.

CAST AND RELIGION                                : AGARWAL  JAIN (MITTAL)

HEIGHT                                                               : 5 4

CO LOUR                                               : FAIR

BLOOD GROUP                                  : B+

FATHER NAME                                              : SATISH CHANDRA JAIN

FATHER OCCUPATION                           : BUSINESSMEN

GRAND FATHER                                          : LATE MAHESH CHANDRA JAIN

                                                                                   : SURESH CHANDRA JAIN

                                                                                  : KAILASH CHANDRA JAIN

MOTHER NAME                                           : NAMITA JAIN

MOTHEROCCUPTION                             : HOUSE WIFE

SISTER                                                                 : STUTI JAIN

PRESENT ADDRESS                                 : 35/178 BANGLAI MOHAL  


CELL No.                                                            : 09369264726, 09935609920

EMAIL                                                                 : rishabjainca@gmail.com




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