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JP- G007

Personal Information:



Name                      :  Dr.  Anuj    Jain     (dr_anujjain@yahoo.co.in)

Dare of Birth         :       October 15, 1982

Place of Birth         :      Delhi ( 3.00 P.M. )

                 Height                   :     5 6

             Complexion            :      Fair

             Built                        :     Slim

               Religion                  :     Jain (Digambar)

               Gotra                      :    Goel

            Qualification          :     M.B.B.S.  (MAMC, Delhi ) 

                                                  Done Practice in Family Medicine at

                                                   Singapore for three years. Cleared all

                                                 Steps of USMLE  and ECFMG                 

                                                 certified. Presently  doing PG in

                                                 anesthesia from Lucknow , India .

               Financial                    :    Own a house in NCR. Every Family

                                                 member have  property in  NCR.


               Father                    :   Working in Public Sector    

                                                Undertaking (Power Sector)                                                                   
in Senior Middle management                               

            Mother                   :   Religious Educated House mother    B.Sc.,                                                    


Grand Father         :  Retired, Delhi Govt.

              Grand Mother        :  Homely lady

             Brother (Elder)       : completed residency in Internal    

                                                Medicine at University of  IOWA , USA .   

                                                Done Fellowship in hem-oncology   at Indiana                                                  University .  Is citizenship in US and working in                                                 Florida ,having income Rs. 1.5 cr.

                                                Married, Wife is chef by profession but  

                                                currently stay-home with kid.

                                                Own a house in Indainapolis

           Brother (Twin)      :    MBBS (PGIMS Rohtak).   ECFMG      Certified. Done clininal   Reasearch job at the University of IOWA , USA for 3 years. Currently doing JR at   Delhi .

           Chacha                 :   Business in Delhi

           Bua                        :  (Fufha in business in Delhi )       

     Mama                   :  Three- One in USA ( Indiana Polis) 

                                           One in Mumbai, One in Delhi

     Maternal Aunts      :   Two, both in business at Delhi

Address of Parents :   241, SFS Flats, Sector-9,

                    Pocket-2,Dwarka,N. Delhi-110077

          Tel. No.                        :   011- 25082435 (Home)

         Mob                      :  09412771574 (Father) 


Jai Jinendra






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