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Famous Jain Sidhaakshetra and atishayaakshetra

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References: -

    1.  Maps: -

To know about Maps of India, States, districts and cities,

To Know about national Highways, states road network,         

To calculate distances from place to place.


       2. Air lines: -

Indian Air Lines for Flight schedules, Seat availability, arrival and departure, Fares, Passenger service and general information.                                       Contact: -http://Indian-airlines.nic.in                                or  

       3. Railways: -

Indian Railways, train Enquiry, train Schedule, Trains, Fare, Availability of seats/births etc and all related information. Visit Web site: -     www.indianrail.gov.in                                                                 or


     4. Boarding and Lodging:-

Normally on all pilgrimages, Dharamshala (Guest Houses) are available free or against some nominal donations. Addresses: -Check addresses of trusts and management. In addition to it prominent address of guest houses in each state are given at end of each page.

     5. Road Services: -

Busses of State Road Transport Corporation are normally available in all states. Private tour and travel operators are also available in most of the cities. Private vehicles are also operating on most of the pilgrimages. 

 To find the  distances between places within  India                                                      


6. Addresses, Pin Numbers and Telephone numbers of Religious places.

The directory of addresses of most of the Jain's religious places is available with us. It contains addresses, pin numbers and the telephone numbers of the office of the trusts, management or the organizers of the respective pilgrimage. You can collect complete information  about the place directly from the source. To get the information contact us at jainpushp01@yahoo.com


-Tour and travels Jain temples of India-references -Some of the tour Itineraries: - 

 -Art and Architecture of Jain Temples in India (Under Construction)

         Tour operators and car rentals; http://vkjain.com/index.htm

Car and Taxi hire: Check the following website:




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