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Educational Institutes, research centers and other informations etc

Three jewels of Jainism 

 Right Faith (Samyak Darshan
      Right Knowledge (Samyak Gyan

    Right Conduct (Samyak Charita)

which constitute the path of  salvation








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 Serial number

 01  A Scholars-Study in Jainism/General scholarships

 B. Scholars- Highly educated Shashtri ji, MA and PH.D level

 02  Educational Institutes- study in Jainism
 03   literature in Jainism- Book stores & publishers
 04  Construction of Temples-Resources-Architects
 05  Construction of Temples-Resources-Sculptures
 06  Construction of Temples-Resources-Painters
07  Glossary of Jain words cum web directory
08 Jain newspapers and Magazines-Delhi
09 musical groups-religious songs
10 jain sthanak-delhi
11 jain aashram delhi
12 Picture Gallery-Index page
13 Stories
14  Jokes
15  Jainpushp Book Bank
 16  Quiz

Rites& rituals of ceremonies

  Under construction  


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