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Three jewels of Jainism 

 Right Faith (Samyak Darshan
      Right Knowledge (Samyak Gyan

    Right Conduct (Samyak Charita)

which constitute the path of  salvation






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Glossary of some important words in Jainism

                   Links to Useful websites

         (Important web sites related to the subjects are mentioned here): -


  1. Agam, Atma, ahimsa, architects, art, Ashrava (Karmic influx),  Anekantvad, Australians and general reference links: -

http://www.answers.com/topic/jainism#Dictionarysearch your word, in Jainism             www.angelfire.com                    Fundamentals of jainism

www.apnaguide.com/hindi.htm   Write in Hindi. Devanagri  

www.architectureasia.com/firm/India.htm   :-Architectural Design, Planning &     www.arham.com                       Publishing of books on Jain Literature

www.atmasidhi.com                  Atma-Siddhi is a scripture, a sacred book

www.atmadharma.com              Related to Jainism

www.atmasadhnakendra.org      is to make ‘Jinvani’ available

www.jains.australians.com--      Australian Links. Jains Temples in Australia

www.pavapuri.com/jaindharma.html   So Asrava, which is also spelt as Ashrava

www.jainuniversity.org                         Nine fundamentals are: ---3) Punya 4) Pap 5) Ashrava

www.jainworld.com                        Jain Agama texts in the 1880s- The Sacred Books of--- www.jaintirths.com/general/architecture.htm - Jainism and its art and architecture

www.jaina.org -                             the vision of seeing an entity from all direction which is Anekantvad ...

www.jainology.org/viewindex.asp        the multi faceted view point



  B.    Bhagvan,Books, Bangalore, Bharat, Baraha : -

www.jainsamaj.org             Ahimsa Times and much more

www.jinvani.com                Books- various Jain related topics www.manoharbooks.com      Refer for Jain books

www.bangalorenet.com       LIVE & LET LIVE, Jainism is the oldest religion

www.baraha.com               word processing application- in Indian languages

www.bjmonline.org             Bharat Jain Maham, ‘Rashtriya Mahasabha’


C.  Charity (Charity is to give freedom from fear),         

www.integrativespirituality.org-- A Treatise on Jainism

www.jainstudy.org                    Jain Scriptures and Charity

www.Religion-cults.com             one must practice charity  

www.gkindia.com                     The highest Charity is to give freedom from fear

www.jaina.org                          charity and strict vegetarianism is almost universal

www.jainpushp.org/renunciation.htm-renunciation implies charities


D.       Donations, Daya

 www.lifepositive.com              donation of food-anna daan

 www.jainstudy.org                  Make donations

 www.jainheritagecentres.com   Make donations

 www.jainhistory.tripod.com/kingdoms.html --inscriptions mention donations by

 www.sjrs.org                          Generously giving charitable donations


E.         Environment (Vatavaran)

www.jainspirit.com                       Apart from building animal sanctuaries

www.environmentaldirectory.net--- religion and environment

www.jainism.religion.designerz.com - religion and environment

www.mahavir.com    ----------        harmony between self and one's environment



F.        Faith (is rendered by the word shradha)

www.meta-religion.com -Three Jewels, of Right Faith, of Right Knowledge and Right

www.arcworld.org -------------------"Jainism is fundamentally a religion of ecology—“

www.faithandfood.com/Jainism.php "Meat can never be obtained without injury

www.jainsamaj.org -------------------To have faith in Jainism

www.      www. jaintirths.com            The inscription confirms Kharvel's faith in Jainism 

www.janyager.com/writing   To abstain from intoxicants

www.jaincentre.com/articles.htm              The first stage-faith in Jainism

www.jainworld.com/jainbooks/antiquity/ethcjain.htm       Darsana Pratima



G.       Glossary of Jainism important words, Gunastana

www.religionfacts.com/jainism/glossary.htm      Glossary of words  used in Jainism www.yja.org/education/glossary.html                Glossary of Non-English Terms

www.kamat.com/kalranga/jain        A Glossary --Who's who and what's what of Jainism

www.csupomona.edu/~plin/ews430/jain2.html      glossary of jainism

www.jainpushp.org/gunasthan.htm               There are fourteen stages of spiritual –

www.jainuniversity.org/html/faq.asp               gunasthan and number of www.jainsamaj.org/literature/ladder-31202.htm    spiritual uplift in 14 stages


H.       Himsa, Heaven, Hell (Narak)

www.jainworld.com/phil/ahimsa/cohimsa.htm               ---abstention from Himsa

www.jainpushp.org/ahimsa.htm -          absence of the feelings of attachment or www.jainstudy.org/jsc1.05-FRB.htm           physical violence (DRAVYA HIMSA)

www.yja.org/faq.html ----                  Does Jainism believe in a heaven and hell?

www.jainstudy.org/jsc7.98r&s.htm            ---for fear of punishment in hell

www.jsgc.org/jainism.htm         where all non-liberated souls born, live, die, and


I.        Indriya (Sense organs)

www.jainstudy.org/jsc10.04-QfromS.htm           Sense organs taste and speech

www.terapanthonline.com                              Sense organs taste and speech               

www.jainworld.com/jainbooks/antiquity/tattjain.htm        more than one sense

www.mahavir.com/jainismby.htm                             two to five sense organs


J.       Jaina (Jina), jambudvina

www.jainheritagecentres.com/jainism/jainart.htm             the 23rd Jina, being

www.jaina.org/education                 Why is “Jain” sometimes spelled “Jaina”?

www.jainpushp.org/religion.htm               “Jaina” is derived from the word Jina

www.dlshq.org/religions/jainism.htm              “Jaina" means a follower of Jina

www.jainuniversity.org -                 Scriptures like Bhagavati Sutra, Acharanga,  

www.adinath.org                                                   Jumboodeep Hastinapur


K.       (I) Kashaya (passions), Kakchakra(Time Cycle)

www.jainterapanth.com ------ The Jain time cycle is known as Kalchak

www.jainpushp.org/symbols.htm -The wheel in the center represents

www.jaininfo.com/path.htm ---          Jain time cycle is known as kalchakra

www.jainsamaj.org/literature/jainprinciples.htm -----is called Samaya

www.crystalinks.com/jainism.html ------------   Kashaya, Passions. ...  

www.jainsansar.com/ebooks/Jainconcepts-- fundamental concepts- Kashay

www.jcnc.org/jainism/reference_detail.asp -      control of four kashaya www.jainworld.org/general/prem/asrav.htm          this is the only kashaya


 (II) Karma, Kevaldarshan, Kshama

www.jainsamaj.org                                 The Theory of Karma

www.dlshq.org/religions/jainism.htm        is another grand doctrine of the www.jsgc.org/jainism.htm                       The doctrine of karma occupies…..

www.mahavir.com/q&a.htm                         Philosophy of Karma

www.jcnc.org/jainism                                         perfect perception (KevalDarshan), www.jainworld.com/education/juniors/junles01.htm -    Kevaldarshan, perfect www.jainuniversity.org/html/faq2.asp      You develop Kevaldarshan and you www.jainpushp.org/forgiveness.htm -       Supreme Forgiveness (Uttama www.sjrs.org.sg/About%20Jainism.htm     universal forgiveness (kshama) www.jainspirit.com                          FORGIVENESS Blame and hatred result in www.nepaljain.com/PANCHPAD_VANDAN.htm   kshama, vairagya, man, www.atmadharma.com/whatsnew.html       first day of Das Luxan ..Uttam kshama


L.      Loguttama (Supreme)

www.jainsamaj.org/FAQ/faq-2.htm Chattari Loguttama, Arahanta www.nepaljain.com/arahat_vandana.htm Arahanta loguttama, siddha


M.      Moksha, Mohaniya

www.jainnet.com/intro.html -          Liberation from unending cycles of Birth, Death

www.jainpushp.org/moksha.htm     Salvation- Path of Jainism

www.jinvani.com/eng/philosophy/padarth.htm          Moksha is represented by....

www.angelfire.com                        First Mohaniya (delusion), then Jnana-varaniya

www.jain.8k.com/main.html --                  Mohaniya


N.      N. Nigoda(The lowest form of life), Nirjara(Dissociation of karma),          Nitya(Eternal),

          www. religioustolerance.org/jainism.htm --         Nigoda, the lowest forms of life   www.arham.com/abt_jain4.htm              bodies from 'Nigoda' to heavenly beings

www.jainworld.com/jainbooks/explain/e6.htm -the tiny nigoda, Nirjara: shedding of www.jainterapanth.com/info/jainism.htm --           nirjara. ... Liberating the soul        www.jainheritagecentres.com/jainavoice/jainavoice19.htm -     nitya or anitya, satya –


O.       OM

www.jainstudy.org- For a detailed about OM, see Studies In Jainism----www.jainliterature.com/intro_jainism ...   Om Namo Arihantanam om Namo Sidhdhanam www.jcnc.org                                         the Swastika or Om

www.jainpushp.org/symbols.htm             Om is a holy word used in the beginning


P.         (I)Panch kalyanak- The five auspicious events in the life of a Tirthankara

www.jaina.org -Five Panch kalyana, the five auspicious events in the life of a Tirthankar

www.jainsamaj.org         At the time of Panch Kalyanak Pratishtha of the temple

www.jaintirtham.com      panch kalyanak place of digamber jain lord vasupujya

www.jainpushp.org/temples-india/up.htm     Panch Kalyanaka Mahotsava’ was held


(II)Pudgala, Paryushan-parva(a spiritual festival )

         The mass is pudgala and motion is dharma

www.angelfire.com/co/jainism/6substns.html - Matter - Pudgala (Nonliving being)

www.arham.com/abt_jain2.htm            --Pud + Gal = Assimilation and Separation

www.jainpushp.org/fundamental.htm    - Paryushan Parva -Supreme Forgiveness

www.jainsamaj.org         The religious period of the Jains is the Paryushan Parva.

www.jaindharmonline.com - Paryushan Parva ---perfectly purified trait of the soul


R.         Raaga(attachment),Passion

www.jainspirit.com --                  attachment (raaga), aversion (dvesh) www.jainworld.com         -------and are free from any sort of attachment...


S.         Salekhana(Voluntary and controlled fasting till death)

www.religioustolerance.org/jainism.htm               salekhana which is fasting to death

www.jainworld.com/jainbooks/jainbooks.htm         Salekhna is not suicide…….

www.jain.8k.com/terapanth.html for fasting till deathis known as ……



www.angelfire.com/co/jainism/mahavir.html         to speak the harmless truth only

www.religioustolerance.org/jainism.htm   -Satya: speaking truth; avoiding falsehood

www.mahavir.com/whtisjainism.htm                    avoiding untruth

 Samvar(Stoppage of the influx of karmas)

www.jainstudy.org/jsc1.05-FRB.htm              (SAMVAR), shedding of ...

www.jainpushp.org/asrava_bandha_sanivara.htm       Samvar means blocking

www.jainsamaj.org                     Samvar and Asrav:- Theory of Karmas www.spiritintune.com/spiritintune/ spirit-intune2/Jain-monk.html - Samvar means—


 Samiti(Five areas of caution: walking, speaking,……..)

 www.urday.com/jain2.htm           This is known as Utsarga Samiti. ...

 www.shubhlabh.net/leicestercentre.html-Samiti, was created  for this purpose..


Samayik(state of meditation):-

www.angelfire.com/co/jainism/12vows.html         Meditation vow of limited duration

www.shantilok.org/down.html                              About Samayik

www.jsgc.org/jainism.htm          to remain calm and undisturbed for 48 minutes


Samyak (Right-Darshan,Right Faith)

www.jainsadhu.com -Right Faith (Samyak Darshan) Right Knowledge (Samyak Gyan

www.jainstudy.org                      Rational perception (SAMYAK DARSHAN

www.yja.org/faq.html             The path of liberation is Samyak Darshan Shravak www.jinvani.com            Jain darshan as being followed by Jain Sadhus & Shravak

www.jainsamaj.org/literature/fivevows.htm--- Jain Shravak emanates from these vows...

www.sjrs.org.sg/About%20Jainism.htm                (Shravak), and laywomen (Shravika)


Siddha (liberated souls from cycles of births and deaths)

www.jainnet.com/intro.html    A Siddha is a soul that has achieved it's original state of...

www.religioustolerance.org/jainism.htm               Siddha are the liberated souls

www.angelfire.com         Arihantas and Siddhas are classified as Gods in Jainism


Syadvad (Relativity of truth)...

www.jcnc.org/jainism/reference - Syadvad or relativity, which states that truth, is relative

www.jainsamaj.org/magazines/october2002.htm              Axiom of Relativity


T.         Tapa(Penance)

www.arham.com/abt_jain1.htm--Religion consists of Dana, Sheel, Tapa, Bhava. ...

www.jainpushp.org/nirjara.htm                 äbhyantara tapa ie internal austerities

www.jainsamaj.org                                 Anasan Tapa means fasting for a day


Tattva(nine true or genuine like - Jiva (Living). Ajiva (Non-Living) etc)

www.jcnc.org/Jainism/reference -- Nav-tattva begins with Jiva (livingbeings) ….

www.jainworld.com/education/juniors/junles08.htm ... JIVA TATTVA in Jainism, Jiva Tirthankara

www.jain.8k.com/Tirthankaras1.htm         The eighth Tirthankar of Jainism-------

www.atmadharma.com               The first Tirthankar Risabhadeva, was the founder--

www.jaina.org                            Concept of God or Tirthankar---


U.         Upadhyay (monk who now teaches religious scriptures)

www.sjrs.org.sg/About%20Jainism.htm                Upadhyay (monk teacher)

www.mahavir.com/12bhavanas.htm--They are Arihanta, Siddha, Acharya, Upadhyay


V.         Vitraag (One from whom attachment is gone for materials)

www.jainsamaj.org/literature/pratikaman.htm        One whose attachment is gone

www.atmadharma.com/vitraagvignaanpathmala   vitraag

www.angelfire.com/ma4/chitra/Dadashri3.html      a sense of detachment



There are innumerable other word that are generally used in Prakrit Hindi and Sanskrit languages. For further details please refer dictionary of the concerned language.


We have tried to include some important websites that describe the words related to Jainism in its true sense. However incase you want to include your site under any item then please contact us.

Any error or omission if  noticed be referred to us for modification. Incase any broken link is noticed you can try it directly on the internet.






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