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   Fundamental Features of Jainism.

   The Girl 

(Source: - Extract from the book “The girl” Special discourse given on Feticides by Muni tarun Sagar Ji)







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Not Mother But Serpent

A mother is an accomplish in the conspiracy of the murder of her off spring, that mother is not a mother, she is the enemy of that soul of some previous birth and taking revenge today. She is not the mother but a she serpent, who herself is devouring her son, eating alive her son. She is even worse than serpent, because mother serpent eats her child after giving birth, but the mother of Modern period in the shape of serpent has eaten up that promising bud even before birth has swallowed that laxmi who would have been the grace and splendor of the family.


The one, who on your invitation is coming to your house as guest, welcome him, honor him. Keep in mind, the soul entering into the womb is doing so on your invitation, because the pregnancy is the result of copulation between male and female. He is your guest and we honor the guest who comes to our home. It is the tradition of this country that whether we get food or not but the guest is fed. We get water to drink or not, but shall definitely serve water to the guest even keeping ourselves hungry and thirsty.

But how are we treating the guest?

On the behest we extend loving invitation and when he reaches your home, finding him all alone you attack him, cordon him from all sides and kill him. This is betrayal.

Let him arrive, he is preparing for his birth, let him take the birth. If you can nurse him, bring him up, if you can feed him, feed him. If not, don’t give him milk, don’t provide shelter in your home, don’t give him protection of mother’s lap, through him soon after birth on the heap of waste, put him stealthy outside the door of some one, but at least let him take birth, let that soul emerge in this world, Let him come out of the adobe of the womb all well.


Suggestions: - Tarun Sagar ji further suggests “Sir, I humbly request to you to collectively try to ban this increase in the murder of the fetus. At present there are many organizations and association working to stop the violence against animals and birds but no individual or collective efforts are made to curb the killings of the fetus in the womb. This is the reason that in the religious country like ours, lacs of innocent children are killed every year. Further he calls upon all mothers, Sisters and brothers not to indulge in such sin.


The End

You can read the views on the subject in Hindi-"The article --Kanya Bhurn" written by learned scolar shri Abhishek Shashtri.

Click on the link " Kanya Bhurn" which is a pdf file

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