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Three jewels of Jainism 

     Right Faith (Samyak Darshan
      Right Knowledge (Samyak Gyan

     Right Conduct (Samyak Charita)

which constitute the path of  salvation






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   Guiding features
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                    Shri ParshwaNath Brahmcharyashram (Gurukul)

                       Address: P.O Ellora, District Aurangabad

                               (Maharashtra), Pin-431 120

                        Established Shrut Panchmi (7th June 1962)


Facilities Available: -

-200 Digambar Jain Children taking academic and spiritual education

  regularly at subsidised rates.

-Facility of boarding and lodging.

-Newly constructed double storied building "Acharya Arya Nandi Hostel"

 and "Acharya Vidya Sagar assembly hall".

-Acharya Arya Nandi  Lecture Hall,

-Bahubali Gym with modern facilities (exercise center),

-Shree Chuni Lal Sahu ji Arogya Dham- for healthcare,

-Spiritual activities through daily puja, Abhishaik, prayer and meditation etc,

-Religious Education-All four Anuyog, Chhahdhala and various scriptures.

-Information Technology through computer education,





-Academic Education from 5th to 10th class, Results in High school level

 above 80%.

-Active Participation in Sports up to National level,

- Stood at first place among Maharashtra state Education Department's rural


-Always fore runner in activities like sports, literature and science contests.

-There are 1200 students and 36 teachers.


 Various schemes:-


SN                         Description    Amount
 1  Every year one day's one time meal     21000/-
 2  One time's sweet meals     5001/-
 3  One day's one time's meal ordinary     2001/-
 4  One day's meals both time's     3501/-
 5  One day's breakfast       501/-
 6  One year's donation for one boy     4001/-
 7  Expansion of Dharamshala-one room   51000/-
 8  Expansion of hostel-one room   51000/-
 9  Expansion of Institute -Administrative block 1,25,001/-


Note: -  Donors name will be displayed on the board

for donations above 11001/-.

All donations should be sent through bank drafts payable in favor of "Shree Parashwanath Brahamcharyashram Gurukul" payable at Maharashtra Bank -Branches at Ellora or Aurangabad. The organization is 80-G approved. Proper acknowledgements will be sent.


Incase you feel interested about any educational institute providing education in Jainism then please send the details to us with complete information's and details to us for publishing and publicity.


A comprehensive List of 131 Jain Schools spread all over the India is available with us and information can be made available on demand.



National  Institute of Prakrit Studies and Research

( Recognised by University of Mysore, Mysore

Shri Dhavala Teertham, Shravanabelagola - 573 135.

Tel : 08176- 257228, 257132. Tele Fax : 257927

Email : mynipsar@yahoo.co.in 

Learn  Prakrit  :  Save  Oriental  Language 

Admission  in  Prakrit  Courses  through  Correspondence 



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